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Nooklopia is the delusion that individual's thoughts are pulled, interrupted, or even sucked out of the brain by another person or force. Nooklopia may be a type of delusion of control.

Another related term is nookleptia and they are very rarely discussed in the literature. The discussion here is only speculative.

Because it is related to delusion of control, the theme of delusions tends to be associated with control, in the form of a strong urge to acts and strong thoughts on matters related to certain commands but rather leads to dangerous actions that can endanger individuals and others, for example self-mutilating behavior such as self-amputation, self-enucleation, self-castration, with the intensity of each damage.

Meanwhile, nooklopia may be accompanied by strong obsessions and more massive interruptions, meaning that it is thoroughly disturbing and an impairment which causes reactivity, even aggression, to become severe psychotic symptoms and results in delusional reactivity. Delusional content may not be separated from sexuality, religiosity, and related aspects.

Sometimes it interferes indirectly and plays a role in some other destructive reactions. Encouraging the main and/or more dominant stimulus if it is followed by a strong belief in the content of the delusion, release attempts and its realization.

The delusion of control is not an independent delusion and part of other delusions also delusional content that is narrative. Although it is found in normal individuals but more prominent in people with certain mental disorders such as schizophrenia, certain personality disorders, etc.

As a term associated with noology, nooklopia is associated with human cognition and the discussion of cybernetics in general.

Noology extends not only to intellectual phenomenon but to the science of the possibility forms and laws of intelligence. Noology underlines various things related to knowledge and science such as cognitive neuroscience and so on.

Cybernetics itself can be applied in many domains, for example cyber criminology, informatics, AI, and TLE.

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