There's Time To Kiss Them

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3 years ago

You were born full of joy

The smile on your parents' lips was kissed

You were a tiny angel who was astounding to watch

Eager to hold on to almost unwillingness.

Gradually you are growing older

You begin to draw even the reader

You can learn from your parents a lesson

You are a polite and obedient child.

The time will come when you will be in high school

You are gradually getting to know your friends' different habits

You also feel impressed with the same creature

That you did not expect you to love as much as your siblings and parents.

Now you are done and well positioned

It's already busy at work and in different towns

You will never repeat the tasks you want to return to

For that reason you don't have time to do it the next day.

You don't feel like every time you run

Your parents are constantly growing

Unbeknownst to your knowledge they care for you

Every day and night you just think and look at your pictures.

You will return to the original land

To visit your siblings and parents

You will be alerted that almost all things are forgotten

But your memories will continue to be shared with you by your departed parents

Did you feel the change from their love?

Or it adds to their longing for you

Parents never forget

You will still be proud of and will say your name over and over again.

Name they thought was your birth

The name of their loved one is rare

Just keep an eye on it

If you feel this poem.

There is still time for them to kiss

Like them who keep on loving you

Times you are happy and temporary

They were forgotten.

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3 years ago