Standing Up

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3 years ago

What strength do you have, or Pinay / Pinoy?

In any stroke of life:

Whether poor or hungry, flood or earthquake

Whether it's an epidemic or a hill collapse—

At your downfall do you get up immediately?

What an amulet, an antidote

Do you have, or are you called, Pinoy?

Instead of being crushed, life goes on—

Tomorrow will smile, tomorrow will rise

Even the tears of tears are still flowing today?

You're probably just smart enough to carry

Of serious problems that give birth to a problem;

Probably, the length of time that tragedy has lifted you

The body, your heart and your soul are trained

So he always says to himself "There's more tomorrow!"

But the more beautiful, the better

That with every ascent to the cracks of life

And every stand on your offense

Make it deep in your heart and mind

The lesson of past history—

So that when you wake up from falling, drown

Won't that just fall apart again?

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3 years ago


We must stand up in every struggles we face. Nice poem just like this poem. Keep going and do more this kind of poems.

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3 years ago