Oh Love [ Mahal ]

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3 years ago

A white book, written: tears!

So you can't read even one verse.

Bitter and thoughtful from our childhood,

you grow up together, you never understand.

Love, think, think, is in the heart;

with the heart in mind, you can't teach.

You approach marriage ... it vanishes,

Turn away from your sadness, your sadness worsens.

The love that the great love lasts for so long,

It looks like a glow when it draws on the cheek of darkness.

A deep kiss, sometimes a kiss,

And the river if it floods, remember only once.

Love when cowardly is never-ending,

No waterfall, no flood, no tears, no water.

Courageous love is the heart that flows

As a matter of fact, it is a drowning habit.

Love knuckles are still listening to the lesson,

Roommate, light still,

But when it burns, the world forgets

That, that's just love, emotion and heart!

When you are back in danger you are in danger

Your mind is really bright and whole.

You're still in love, you're not in love,

When you fall in love, even the pit you will own heaven.

Those who are cowards whose hearts are weak,

Love is anything but love, but mercy.

Need for love is hardship and tears

And cowardice is far from the love of greatness.

Love has eyes, love is not blind,

The wise love, every wound is a flower.

Love is overflowing and weeping over tears,

Or nothing, or give it all away!

"I can't write and mom, watch out."

Expect it, my friend, you are not yet loved.

But once it is written over the pit

He loves you more than life.

You young people want it,

you are the butterfly in the lamp that is rolling.

When you fall in love, risk yourself,

And your wings will burn with love!

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3 years ago