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I'm a Treasure Box in the Final Boss Floor - Chapter 1 (Original Series)

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2 months ago

Ever asked yourself where the treasure boxes in games come from?

I'm a Treasure Box in the Final Boss Floor

Chapter 1: The Witness

Metal clashes with metal. Sparks flying with friction. A dozen of figures trading blows. Another hero arrived on this floor. Another hero dies, forgotten.

‘This one didn’t even reach the boss.' I sighed.

From the small cracks in the wall, I saw a group of heroes fighting the room guards: The skeletons. One of the heroes died, and the others were exhausted. I saw this scene countless times. 'They will lose.'

The skeletons weren’t strong. They had numbers but they lacked intelligence. A smart group of heroes won’t find them challenging. Yet, these heroes are no match for them. It’s clear on their faces. They’ve given up.

‘Maybe the hero who died was their leader…’ I deduced. 'Maybe they were hit by [Despair] or a similar ailment.'

It didn’t matter how they got there… Something happened and they lost their will. Another party to fail conquering Terminia.

‘I wish they found me at least.’ I lamented from beyond the cracks in the wall. ‘I wonder what they would’ve found?'

This group wasn’t the promised one.

‘Some day my hero will come for me...'

I’m a Treasure Box. A container of one of this dungeon’s bounties. For as long as I existed, so did my yearning for a hero to take whatever inside.

‘The problem is, my location.’ I shrugged, from between the cracks. 'Long time ago, the wall behind me collapsed, leaving me inside the remnants of the wall.'

My frame was safe but barely visible.

‘Heroes who go past me, never come back…’ I sneered at the thought. ‘Most heroes, however…’

I looked from beyond the cracks at the losing group.

The skeletons laughed as their swords bloodied. The last kill of the day.

‘Most heroes never reach past there…’ I snickered with disdain, then stared at the corpses. 'I will see you soon, my new friends.'

Heroes who are killed by the skeletons become skeletons too. It would take a long time, but I will see this group again. Fighting for the boss’s side.

I stood there as the blood darkened.

I hear the monsters laughing. My daily melody.

‘Ah… I wonder how long must I wait before the next hero comes.’ I gave a defeated smile.

Chapter 1 - END

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Author Notes

Do you like the idea so far? I wanted the story to be comedic when I started writing the first line, but it got kinda dark too quickly. I already have the main outline for this series, though I don't know how many chapters we'll follow our Treasure Chest. You might be surprised!

I published a Prologue chapter before this one. Read it for more context about the world. If you have any suggestions/parts you loved or disliked. Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

For now, I wish you a Nice Day. Salam (Peace)

  • "I'm a Treasure Box in the Final Boss Floor" by @ahmadmanga is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • The cover image for this series is created by me.

  • This story is also on Hive's Ecency.

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Written by   99
2 months ago
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This was cool! I really like the concept of a story being written from the perspective of an inanimate treasure box in an online game environment. Very unusual and interesting. Would love to see where this goes and how it plays out! Dropped in from Dreemport this evening. #dreemer for life.

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2 months ago

Hi, it's a bit late but I finally posted chapter 2 (it's also on Hive) read here:

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2 months ago

Thanks for dropping from Dreemprot & thanks for the Tip. It was a nice encouragement!

While this 100% can work in an online game environment, I based it on DnD fantasy (which is the bases of many Online Games.) I love writing stories featuring inanimate objects! (I did one from the perspective of a tree before: )

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2 months ago

I do agree it became dark but that was what kept me reading on, this is good..

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2 months ago

Here's the link to the 2nd chapter. Waiting for your comment there as well:

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2 months ago

Thanks for reading, I'll hopefully write the next chapter soon.

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2 months ago