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Wearing the colour for more than 50 years globally, you could say that for Sprite - it’s pretty easy being green. 

Similar to the connections Coca-Cola and Fanta have to red and orange, respectively, Sprite has “owned” green since its 1961 debut in the USA. Green has served as the primary colour for Sprite in its advertising, packaging, merchandising and more. 

“It’s classic, crisp and clean. Green is a refreshing colour, just like Sprite,” said Charlotte McCrudden, Sprite brand manager at Coca-Cola South Pacific. 

In fact, its status among the world’s most recognised brands can largely be attributed to its signature green Dimple Bottle. The bottle’s defining shape and signature make it one of the most unique and eye-catching, as well as proprietary, packages in the market. By continuing to showcase green on everything from in-store merchandising, to vending machines, to packaging and advertising, Sprite continues to build what design gurus call ‘brand equity’ and surprise and delight fans around the world.

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