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I use rice milk on my hair

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11 months ago
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Hello dear readers, I hope you are well wherever you are.

I am a lover of nature and all the magic that surrounds it, I like to enjoy it and not only that, also the goodness it has with us in each of its plants and foods it provides us.

Some time ago I decided to heal my hair naturally, using masks, moisturizers and / or repairers made with what Mother Nature gives us so we do not continue to pollute the planet with so many chemicals.

But above all we do not pollute our body, we also save a lot of money because beauty products are usually a bit expensive, depending on the brands and place where it is purchased.

Today I will write about the benefits of rice water as a hair mask and how much it can help us to recover and / or maintain a beautiful hair, because long hair requires a lot of care and hydration to stay that way.

When hair is weak it becomes brittle, tends to fall out frequently and in very noticeable quantities, the ends open up, it dries out and there is no way to control it; this is because we expose it to the heat of irons and dryers.

Also to the inclement sun, chemicals, dyes, stress, loss of vitamins and nutrients, collagen and vitamin E, fortunately there is rice water to help us with so many hair problems and beautify our manes.

It is said that the secret of Asian women is to use rice milk or rice water in the hair, that is why they have those long and strong hair, this cereal gives elasticity and strength to the hair strand sealing those that are open.

It is rich in amino acids and vitamins B, C, D prevents hair loss, it is even good for dandruff, it is a product that we usually have in our pantries so it is economical to use it on our hair for its care and repair.

The way I use it on my hair is as follows:

I place 1 cup of rice to soak in 2 cups of water, after 1 hour I peel it out and to the water I add a tablespoon of coconut oil, I apply it all over my hair and wrap it in plastic cap failing that a plastic bag.

I leave this on the hair for a period of one hour, it can be less half an hour or 15 minutes that depends on your time available, after this I wash the hair with plenty of water and shampoo as usual.

Another way to extract the rice milk is after soaking it for at least 2 hours. It can be used alone, or with coconut or olive oil, whichever you have and/or prefer.

I sometimes apply it alone on my hair, some people leave it on, I personally don't like it, I prefer to remove it after a while when the hair has absorbed the nutrients from the rice.

The rice milk can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week, some people prefer it fermented leaving it to soak overnight and the next day strain it and keep the water in the refrigerator.

This way it takes a strong smell that I personally don't like and I can't stand to have it in my hair for a while, but there will be people who do and it works very well for them.

You can also cook the rice with plenty of water to extract the milk in the blender and use it, but I still prefer the option of soaking it for a couple of hours and then add coconut oil, it works well for me.

I invite you to try it alone or with some oil of your preference and experiment how you do with this cereal that is also used in various beauty products for hair.

Ah it is not only good for hair, rice is used for the face, skin, acne and its benefits are excellent but I will share them in the next post.

The picture of soaking rice is my property taken with Xiaomi redmi note 9 mobile device.

Thank you very much 💞

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Written by   6
11 months ago
Topics: Women, Life, Styles, New, Beautiful, ...
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Did it work well with your hair? I actually have a natural curly hair, however it has a lot of split ends and dead hair. I have tried a lot of hair fox products but it is still the same. I wanted to always keep my hair down but I cannot as it will really be a mess especially when riding a jeepney. ☹️

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10 months ago