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The Big 30: Birthday Realisations

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8 months ago

Turning 30 feels momentous but to be honest, the day passed by like any other previous birthdays. Maybe our expectations of getting to be full grown adults are really high when we are young, only to be met with bouts of reality in which you’d realize that living is a process of never-ending learnings and creation and life is not going to drastically change when you reach a certain age.

Either way, our lives deserved to be celebrated. The fact that even though we struggle everyday and we are still alive is already a reason to be happy and grateful.


When I was a teen, I thought I probably would be married and that I’d already have kids by now. The hopeful romantic in me really is hopeful in all sense. Fast forward to my 30th year in existence and I am still single as a pringle. It doesn’t feel like I am missing something by not having started a family of my own at this point, though.

My status should not define who I really am as a person. Besides, I can say that I am happy and that’s what’s important. Depending on your own perspective, you can set certain goals and priorities while being hopeful that all will come into fruition in its proper time, be it with regards to your love life or life in general.

Oh, I have three kids now. Well, fur-babies. And they are what’s keeping me busy recently.

The Idea of Success

As a youngster, my idea of success is vague. Younger me just want to be successful, is all. Of what? Even the older me can’t answer that, I’m afraid. And there is no rush to figure out what you want to be or what you would like to achieve. In fact, a lot of successful individuals have only realized their life’s missions and pursued their passion later in their lives. Our different time zones should not make us feel bad when people are accomplishing theirs and if it feels like other people’s lives are flourishing while yours in still under construction.

I’ve felt like I have reached rock bottom plenty of times but those times taught be to fight and strive harder to be closer to my dreams. And we get to keep on keeping on, that’s for sure.

Those who don’t have a dream, it’s okay, it’s okay if you don’t have a dream. You just have to be happy. - Min Yoongi

One thing that comes with the age is we are now more mindful of our finances and we are thinking of long-term effects of our daily decisions (this is what I wish I’ve learned early on.) and we continue to learn everyday (I feel like reiterating every single time because it is the truth).

We have to learn to not be too critical of ourselves. We got to accept that even if plans won’t initially work, worrying about something that is not even a problem yet will not be beneficial to our mental state especially at this point.

We also realize that we are not getting any younger and we have to take care of our bodies. Body pain maybe constant but our health is the most important.

The 20’s..... I’ll forever be grateful of how my life has been. I was able to explore to my heart’s content, go to places I’ve only ever dreamed of as a kid and met amazing people along the way. Just when you thought you are having the worst days, provisions from above will come to you in ways you would never have expected.

And so, with that... yes. Your girl is three decades old.

I wish I could come up with wiser, longer words but there’s still so much to learn and explore. The pandemic may have deprived me two years of my late twenties that I could have spent doing other things that I love the most like traveling, watching live gigs and all but still, I’ve realised recently that it has given me a luxury not all are privileged to have: days spent with my loved ones (all healthy, thank You Lord!) and three cats (while baking, crocheting, playing instruments and the list goes on.)

Everyday is still a struggle and things will not always go according to our plans but what about it? We’ll live on and there’s still a better future that we can look forward to.

Remember to be kind and practice Proverbs 16:24 if you can.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Blessed beyond belief. April x

Here’s a simple chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting that I baked. A bootleg TATA but achievement unlocked, yeah?

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Written by   72
8 months ago
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