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Catching Up

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1 month ago

Hello, it’s been a while. I missed writing so I thought I’ll give you updates about what’s going on with my life in the past few weeks of inactivity in this writing platform. I am still not 100% though, but I think I’ve found enough energy and motivation to write again… and this is a start, I am getting back there.

Health is Wealth

I guess you never really truly appreciate your good health until it starts deteriorating. Not that I am taking mine for granted before, but age comes into play when it comes to our body’s wellness and that is a known fact. One day you’ll reach a certain age and the soreness and body pain is not as tolerable as when you are younger. You’ll understand why people have pain relieving body rubs and oils all the time and no wonder everyone on the feed are into the scented oil diffuser packages. I used to think that no, I am not into that kind of thing, but I have always been a fan of the old school scented candles myself and those indeed help boost my mood after a very long day. Having these things is a good investment to your being too.

This pain relief rub is my current favourite! It smells nice and it really help ease body pain

I have been sick for the past month but somehow I am grateful that it is not as serious as getting to be confined in a hospital or too worse that will be needing expensive treatment. I am grateful that it isn’t COVID (four of my friends have gotten the virus and tested positive on different occasions and it’s worrisome. They are all fully vaccinated and has fully recovered already. Meanwhile, I am yet to have my vaccine shot as you’d need to be cleared of any related symptoms or illness so as not to trigger any serious side effects of the vaccine.)

What I thought was a simple cough turned out to be lower right lobe pneumonia in which I don’t even know how I got it. At first they thought I am just having allergies because of cat furs but it turned out to be a little different per x-ray findings.

I have tried every natural remedy possible from turmeric tea with lemon, fresh ginger and lemongrass concoction and drank my cough meds religiously but it did not work. And apparently upon research, cough medicines don’t really work with people with pneumonia.

Luckily it could be treated with antibiotics, proper sleep and less oily food intake, increase of water intake (the doctor says to drink two liters or more per day), more fresh fruits and enough rest. I am instructed to stop drinking coffee, tea and chocolate at the moment and how I miss having my matcha fix and everything sweet. I can’t even bake cookies and cupcakes as they have a huge sugar component. But then, not being able to bake gave me time to focus on some of my other hobbies like crocheting.

One of the tiny whales that I have crafted recently

Today I still have mild cough but it only happens occasionally. Since I am getting better and I am on my last week of antibiotics medication, the doctor has instructed for me to take Montelukast sodium for a few more weeks and use the Salbutamol inhaler if the cough still persist. I don’t even know how to use an inhaler that I had to search Youtube on how to use it properly. Anyway, I am so grateful for the better health that I am having. Soon I will be able to have my vaccine shot and I am kind of looking forward to that.

Crocheting and more

Crocheting is truly cathartic. I am glad that I picked up on it this pandemic. What I thought was hard is actually doable given the tutorial of choice that would work for you. These days, tutorial videos are everywhere too so it makes everything easier and accessible. I am doing whale amigurumi which is the Japanese art of knitting stuff creatures/animals. Practice makes perfect too so I have been doing whales for quite a while. At first I was only using tissue as fillers but luckily the cotton fillers that I ordered online has arrived.

One, two and three!

One thing that I enjoyed spending my time is playing the newly released Pokémon game and Everdale with my cousins. It made me appreciate technology even more because even though we can’t be physically together, we can still bond through these games.

Winning a random match (and being the MVP!)

Everdale’s opening page

Pokémon Unite is like Mobile Legends, they say but I don’t play ML so I am not really sure but it allows us to battle together so I find it interesting. Meanwhile, Everdale is like a virtual farm that you would have to develop. You also get to be situated in the same valley and accomplish tasks together. My cousins have been playing for quite some time so their farms are already great. Mine is still on a lower level but you can easily can get the hang of it too.

An Update about my Cats and other pets

Yssa Bell (Vivi’s daughter) went missing a couple of weeks ago. Yssa is this sweet little kitten and one morning she didn’t come back and respond whenever I am calling her. Usually when they are nowhere to be found I just call out their names and they would come running back to me. I’ve grown attached to that sweet little baby. I just hope she’s somewhere nice and that she is being taken care of.

In other news, the baby mama is pregnant again and she might be giving birth in a couple of weeks time. We might not keep them and just give them off for adoption but I am excited to see the kittens again.

The grumpy, preggy baby mama
Vivi is so cute, isn’t she?

One of my cousins’ chowchows has died. He’s encountered parasite in the blood and had cardiac arrest. He’s only nine months. It’s quite hard as we get attached to our pet companions as well. But King (along with Queen who ran through the rainbow bridgen when she was only one month old) are in a better place now.

Run free, King! 🐶


I am such a music enthusiast and I am glad that there are a lot of new releases that I get to consume and enjoy. One of which is the collaboration of Coldplay and BTS entitled “My Universe”. Who would have thought that they would actually get to collab? Two legends of their own right. Music truly transcends any language and it warms my heart.

Coldplay x BTS promotional photo ©️ Parlophone Music/Hybe Bighit Entertainment

BTS also went to New York to give a speech about sustainable energy in the United Nations general assembly. They were appointed as Diplomatic Envoys by no less than the President of the Republic of South Korea himself. Truly a legendary moment. I love that they are using their platform for such important advocacies and are inspiring their fans to advocate the same.

Family Matters

Coincidentally, today is the 40th day since my grandfather has died and as an old tradition, families usually have a simple gathering to commemorate the day (just like the 9th day). There are traditions that I cannot understand nor could not be explained but there is no harm in following them anyway.

I miss my grandfather sometimes. His final days may have been tough with the Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s symptoms kicking in but he’s lived a full, happy life and we are grateful to have him.

With me being gone, I’ve only been active on noise cash so I have kept track of the BCH market and apparently we’ve been on a dip for too long. The market is slowly but surely recovering though (just like me). I look forward to the days to come.

And woo! October! It’s almost halloween and soon it’ll be Christmas. Despite everything I am still excited and it is still my favourite special occasion. We usually put up Christmas decors after the November 1 festivities (All Saint’s Day) but Christmas season in the country starts as soon as the -ber months kick in.

There are a lot of other things but that’s about it in general. I hope you all are doing well and are all healthy. Let me know about your day!

I’ll try to be more active and interact with your posts more again. I actually miss reading different takes and stories by you guys, too.

Sponsors of aaskelter

Thank you to all of the sponsors who are still believing in my capacity despite the inactivity. And thank you for reading!

Cheers to the future,


The lead photo is Yssa (the missing kitten). All photos are mine unless credited otherwise.

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Written by   71
1 month ago
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I also love to crochet. Let's be friends.

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1 month ago

Sure sure! Glad to know you love to crochet as well :)

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1 month ago

I know this book but don't have it I will try to buy it Actually i don't love cats

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oh it’s fine. We all have our favourite animals :)

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Me reading the book title "The cat who went into the closet" then started staring at the cat with a cool cute pose HAHAHA

$ 0.03
1 month ago

Hahahaha. I got that in Booksale but I haven’t read it yet hahaha i have a habit of buying The Cat series whenever I see one 😅

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1 month ago

I stayed 2 mins starting at the lovely kitten with beautiful and sparkling eyes hihi.

And yes you're right, now that I am getting older, I always have liniment oils and painkillers with me all the time. We really have to take good care of our health.

Keep safe always and God bless 😍💗

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1 month ago

Sadly she is now missing 🥺

Yes please do take care of your health and well-being 🤍

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1 month ago

Hello dahling, so happy to know you are doing a lot better and recovering well. Vivi is pretty and looking fierce :D sorry to read about your cousin's chowchow. They are like us, they have limited time on earth too. Stay safe and sound and welcome back☺

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1 month ago

Thank you so much! I’ll try to be more active hehe.

Yes, King is the sweetest. 🥺 but they are in a much better place now

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1 month ago