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Yes! I made it in the month of June. (0.728BCH)

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2 months ago

July 1, 2021

Hola! Hola! Hola! First day of July, wishing us all to have more BCH for this month.

I was able to reach my goal 1BCH in the month of May since the day I started in and You can read it here on how I able to reach 1Bch. Yepeeeh!

So, as you can see in the title of my article, I want to share with you that I able to accumulate 0.728BCH in the month of June. A big achievement for me in BCH community. So, here's a little information how I accumulated BCH.

I wasn't so active with in the month of June. The first day of June was not a good start for me coz I don't able to receive heart values there. Still, I am posting and replying to those who commented on my post. I also react to some post of users there whom I think posted a good content. Like, posting about life and Bch information. So, I accumulate 0.009BCH or $2.5, it's still a blessing for me. I think, I gat this one when I posted on my baba's 9th month and I able to receive heart tips from my two post and after that I didn't able to receive again. Hahaha. Anyway, I am still thankful with.

I have accumulated almost of my BCH in actually. I never thought that I will able to accumulate such big amount in this platform. I am so thankful with @TheRandomRewarder so much and of course to my virtual friends that I've found here who supports my articles. You are the one of the reason why I am motivated to write more.

These are the articles that I able to gain big upvotes from rusty.

When I started in this platform, I am so happy in every article when I received $3-$5. I never thought that I will able to receive that big upvotes as time goes by. There some of my articles that didn't received upvotes but I am still thankful coz I got big upvotes from other articles. I am also motivated with lots of users here who reach their goals and writing about there monthly report in earning #BCH. And on how they save lots of BCH just staying in and even though they encountered lots of trials in achieving there goals.

Christmas Savings

I learned it from sis @leejhen in one of here article. Everyday, I will put 50.00 pesos or $1 on this wallet. It is for me to save money for the upcoming Christmas. I wish that our upcoming Christmas will be bless and happy with the help of BCH.

See, I learned this from other users. I love how other users here share their learnings and goals that will able to motivate other users in this platform like me. The savings I got here in this wallet were purely from my earnings in since I don't have enough earnings in

Add it all.

So if I add all my earnings, I will have: 0.00901815BCH 0.65025905BCH

christmas= 0.06970695BCH

A total of: 0.72867815 BCH.

A great achievement for me for the month of June. Yepeeeh! Thank you Lord for this blessings.

I split my earnings for my HODL wallet and for my family's needs for expenses. I added 0.5BCH from my to my HODL wallet and the others were put to my coinsph wallet. My earnings also, I added to my HODL wallet too. You know, for the best future, I need to save BCH. Hihihi.

I already have 1.54BCH in my HODL wallet. And this is all because of and All my efforts were paid off. Thanks God.

My HODL wallet.
For our expenses.

I also gain success in helping my friends who already earn #BCH in platforms and

Some of my friends already earn here in and some also were not but in they are successful there. As you can see in the affiliates payment I received from them, it only mean that they're earning BCH now and it's getting bigger and bigger. I am happy that I able to help them by sharing them about BCH and on how to earn it through and I wish us all to have more BCH in the future.

Look at my friends in my affiliates list. Congratulations guys.

Closing Thought

This article is not to brag but I want to inspire you to continue writing and be interactive. There maybe time that you're not earning but the next days you will be surprised and amazed with your effort being rewarded.

I want to thanks Sir Simon for this awesome platform which help lots of users here. A blessing during this pandemic since we can't able to work outside and free to move. And also to Sir Marc De Mesel for his support for the platforms, thank you so much Sir. You don't know how greatful I am to both of you. You save lots lives because of your generosity to everyone. I wish you both more blessings and healthy life.

To my friends, I may be redundant saying this to you but I want you to know that I am greatful with you guys coz I felt the happiness seeing you being successful in this platform too. My effort in teaching you how to join and is so worth it. I wish us to have more BCH in the upcoming days and in the future. Just keep going guys and never quit. You it's not always holiday but always remember that even a day which is not holidays, we still able to be happy and able to celebrate how greatful we are for blessings we received. I know someday, you will also have what I have now. Fighting my bebegurls (BCH BEAUTY).

To my virtual friends thank you for your support always. And thank you for motivating me as always. I may not know you in person but you gave a great impact in my life. Especially my friendlalooo @Eunoia my buddy in this platform. Haha I learned a lot from you for being a good writer. Hihi And to my Mare's and Pare's , haha having fun and at the same time learning from you is a great day. You may be younger than me but I am amazed and proud of you for being successful here. Aja, fighting lang tayo.

Let's start our first day of July with positive vibes and motivation for all of us. More BCH for us, everyone.

$ 40.50
$ 32.66 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 5.00 from @SimonBruzzi
$ 2.00 from @Zcharina22
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Avatar for Zhyne06
Written by   217
2 months ago
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