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SH: Entrusted (Part 15)

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1 month ago

Hello, guys! It's been three days since I posted an update about the story of Zia and Blake. It's just that, I don't know what to write, lol. But anyway, my brain now is functioning already, so I will continue it now. I just hope, you will this update.


  • Continuation...

Blake took his bath and immediately change his clothes after he received a call from Zia's parents. Thankfully he moves fast, maybe because of the type of his job. Fortunately, he don't have any schedule for pictorials or shooting at that night. He plan to relax but when he was about to sleep, his phone rang and when he saw that it's Zia's parents calling him, he immediately answered the call.

"Hey! Who are yo---? Kuya?" His brother Blaze asked him when they met at the middle of the stairs. But Blaze knew him when they were close to each other. He even laugh ot loud to his big brother because of it's figure. Blake was running down so fast of the stairs which was not his doing when his at home.

"Yeap! It's me!" He smirked at his brother and continue run down stairs.

"What's your problem and you need to do that thing? A disguise? Really? It's not your thing. First time Kuya, first time!" Blake shout while laughing at him.

"You knew it already bro. I have a date!" He shouted back.

"Woahhh! It's like you're been hit that hard eh?" Blaze shouted at him again. He knows that his Kuya is serious with his date now. And his sure that they will not be going to an elite restaurant cause if so, his Kuya will not need to have a disguised.

Blake just looked at his brother and nod. And went to his car. While his driving his car he can't forget what Zia's father told him.

He's hesitant to answer the call in his cellphone cause he knows it's Alexa, and he knows that she will just mess with him.

He got up in a second when he saw that it's Zia's father who's calling him that flashed on the screen. He got Zia's father's phone number when he went to their house to talk to them. And thanks to God cause Zia's father gave his number to him.

"Hello, yes Tito?" He said softly with respect on his voice.

"Hello, Iho. I'm sorry if I disturbed you at this hour." Zia's father started to talk.

"It's okay Tito, it's fine really. I am not busy anyway." He replied.

" That's what I want to know. I want to know if your busy or not. I know it's kinda shamed to asked you a favor. But can you look for Zia? She's going our to a bar with her co-teachers, the bar's called as Jive Heilo. I am jist worried for her. I think it would be better if you're with her, at that sense, I will be at ease though she's not at home. I trust you Blake."

He can't stopped himself to smile of what Zia's father told him. He trusted him. He got closed to Zia's family when he went to their house to ask permission to Zia's parents that he'll court their daughter. Zia's parents are kind and that what he likes them most.

"No problem Tito! It's not a problem for me. And I also want to prove to you how serious I am for Zia. Thank you Tito for telling me where she's heading. Amd thank you for trusting me your daughter. I will go to the place where she's heading now."

"Thank you Blake, and one more thing, I want to tell you that you're the first man that I entrusted my daughter. Take good care of her. Will you?"

"It's my pleasure Tito." He can't explain how happy he was when he heard those words from Zia's father.

"So, I think, I don't have anything to say. I'll hang up now. Don't forget, okay?"

"Yes, Tito. Trust me."

He heard the busy tone after, it only means that Zia's father hanged up the phone already.

He smile again after the conversation. Those words are always in his mind. Those words that came from the father of the woman she like, no, love. D**n! Can't believe he's falling this bad. "You are the first man I entrusted my daughter with. I trust you Blake."

To be continued...

I am sleepy now, my baby already asleep. I need to go to bed cause I have headache.

Anyway, how does it feel when the parents of the girl you like trusted you? Are you like Blake who's brave enough to face Zia's parents?

Hope you like it today. Wait for the next update. *Wink.*

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Written by   125
1 month ago
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