Noise Cash Updates Calls from heaven

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Noise cash updates calls from heaven

On start of the every upcoming day,noise cash updates are like calls from heaven.Either it is start of March or end of April,noise cash features are increasing and its users are increasing day by day.These features made this site as one of the most popular site.

Design made by me:Image source Canva

Recent Updates

Now Let us talk about the recent noise that are made by noise cash are:

1)If the Author hearts the comment of noiser,then it is not only heart but also a reward of 0.01$.I am using according to roles of noise cash And I give heart to Quality comment mean the words that deserve heart.

Gold use of heart update :Image source SS from infinix hot8

2)The recent new update was also wonderful that was if the post of Authors are given heart by noiser it would be reward for Author of about 0.01$.This was amazing update.Every time when I post my pure contents noiser appreciate me by giving heart to my post and noise cash give me reward in place of this.

Every time when you provide pure contents noiser give you heart:Image Source SS from infinix hot8

3)At the end of April,the noise cash updated as users can set out their minimum payout.

Why this payout limit is essential?

I give you one example from my experience.I have total of 20$.But due to many microtransactions.The total transaction fee for withdraw was 2.03$.Moreover,I was failed every time when I tried to withdraw my earning from bitcoin com wallet.I take support from Bitcoin com agents.They describe the solution withdraw your transaction as much small as the withdraw is possible.I was able to withdraw 4$ as a minimum withdraw.I withdraw all my amount with transaction fee of 3$.It was my 1st and last hard experience.But I made it possible by paying high fee and high transaction fee.

MY Bitcoin com.wallet:Image source(SS of my Android)

BCH Super Hero

  • Sir @MarcDeMesel

  • Sir @Roger.Ver

    This 3rd update make me delighted and I set my minimum payout of about 1.5$ as I like to notifications from noise cash.This update not changed my point of view but also it changed the point of view of superhero Sir @MarcDeMesel ,the man with optimum BCH promoting policy.If you visit his post before april then you can see he not set his wallet adress.But with this update,his point of view also changed.He fixed bitcoin cash address with this update and we can imagine How much he set the target?.

In the same way,Sir @RogerVer is working to point out the Scammers and help him to remove these scammers from the world of Cryoto.We are with you sir.Everyone watch this video.

Noise Cash updates blessings for me,How?

These updates not only increase my earning but also make me able to pay my university fee.Yeah Dear I was able to pay my fee of about PKR/20300.Although it is too smaller amount.But it was all for me.I Financially support to my parents and was too much happy when I payed my fee through noise cash earning of April.I am happy and delighted after my financial support by BCH. Today I successfully submit my University fee through BCH earning. Thank you Noiser,Thank you BCH for giving me such a support. This what the freedom of money that Sir Marc always talk about. BCH is love and noise cash is my passion.

My university fee played through noise cash earning:Image Source Infinix hot8

Thank God it was a success for me.I can predict more these calls from noise cash.Because this platform gives us freedom of money to all of us.

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