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No Kindness No Life

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1 month ago

Today was a memorable day for me. As I have many adventures and at one time was near to lose my life. I choose this title, "No Kindness no life", because for me the real life is the life of a kind person. If you are lived for yourself then believe me you are not living a life, you are just breathing. God has created man for a specific purpose, as Allama Muhammad Iqbal has said who is the greatest poet of his era.

" God has created man for feeling the pain of his fellow man, otherwise angles were not less in number for His worship"

After reading my article, you would learn the true sense of life. I have the following topics to discuss in my article here that are my activities here on reading cash and noise cash and adventure in which my life ended up in no time.

  • An Electric Shock and me

  • Yesterday read cash Contest

  • Today noise cash contest

  • What is the link of kindness with the above topics?

An Electric Shock and me

It was about 3 pm when I decided to charge my laptop. Suddenly, I observed the lighting ready to punch me in the paws of death. I was so shocked to see the fire and burning my blanket. Unfortunately, my laptop charger sparked in no time. And I luckily break the circuit by moving off the circuit breaker. When electricity was gone. I put sand on fire and in no time all the smoke and fire were gone. Thank God you saved my life after this adventure. A little bit sad about my charger but no one stops what is written in your fate. After this incident, I think if life is short then why not we should spend this life for the needy and deserved one. These feelings that arise in my heart if you can feel are called true sense kindness feelings. If your heart can feel the pain of others you are a kind person and your deeds are called kindness.

Yesterday, Read Cash Contest

I am not here for bragging and making some points here. I mentioned this as just a template for others. As many good users and content creators are facing troubles not mean they are not bot-fav writers. But read cash and bot are trying their best to make this platform more attractive and precise that has superb Goal to spread BCH love. Yesterday, I visit many articles just for analysis of whom I should give sponsorship. I was amazed to read cash is generating creative minds. Yes, if creativity continued like this sooner every member will be a good blogger and content creator. I am happy and it was an honor for me to give a sponsor to them. This was all because I believe it is not the duty of read cash, its team members, and bot it is the duty of every member here to encourage and motivate the hopeless soul. You can say this kind of feelings again kindness and deeds are called kind deeds. For Heaven's sake, make this platform as beautiful as it deserved. Sooner I believe give every member a great sponsorship as everyone who joined this platform has a creative mind so should be appreciated.

Today Noise Cash Contests

When I was so scared and in fear I decided if death is the reality of every life, then why not lived to give smile to others. I again don't lose hope and arranged a contest by this post.

Let us play a game in which followers are rewarded from my account. Roles and regulations are simple, you have to follow the following mechanics. 1)Everyone is invited. 2)Renoise my post. 3)Share your Screenshot here. 4)I shall reward you with the tip from my account on the comment here. 5)Spammers remain away from my account. Let us start.....💌💌

In no time about 50+ hearts I gained and 8 winners were rewarded by me. Again it is not the duty of noise cash or read cash admin to reward good content writer it is the duty of every reader and noises. It was my humble try to give a small contribution by me.

Alhamdulillah, I completed today's contest on noise cash. Congrats to the winners who followed the simple mechanics. 💌I promised myself, every week I arranged such a task with a creative mind. 💌All credits go to noise cash and read cash that gives me a chance to reward my great noise. So stay tuned and stay active here. BCH is love and noise cash is passion. Don't leave this community for not working heart-tip system. Noise Cash admin and team are working for us day and night. Make your contest genuine and creative, everyone will appreciate your work. One last thing that give me a smile with every QR transaction I sent to participating members, bitcoin cash. wallet give me a message like a love letter. "You are awesome". Yeah I am awesome.

  • Winners & Rewards


Closing Thoughts

Don't live like a busy bee, live for others and take the taste of real enjoyment. After this great contest I am more passionate and confident for arranging a great contest of NFTs and another token on reading cash for rewarding authors and make this plate form more beautiful. I think you enjoyed the true sense of kindness. So stay active and tune here for another great update here from my side.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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👏👏👏 Wow.. Given the privilege to be part this platform is truly a blessing in disguise for me. Thank you so much for being part of it sir..

More blessing to shower upon you and to those ones that rewarded and to be rewarded by you..😊

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