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Modern Man is called Homo sapiens,Modern Currency is called Bitcoin cash

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1 year ago

Do you know?.Man evolved from bacteria and bitcoin cash evolved from shitcoin.What is reality of this evolution?.

Let me explain two main postulates.

  • Modern Man is Called Homo sapiens.

  • Modern Currency is called bitcoin cash.

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What is Evolution?

The gradual process in which smaller things give rise to complex and advanced thing.

What is real story of evolution?.Read each word of this article carefully till at the end.All the hidden facts are going to be unveiled from me.

Ancient Man VS Beginning of Earth

From the bigbang when one galaxy explosion give rise to 9 planet.Our earth was one of them.Initially its temperature was 120° c more than boiling point of water.As the time passed like cattle passing through the pasture,temperature gradually decreases,it was time when oxygen reacts with hydrogen and give rise to water.


It was start of life evident from cytoplasm contains 90% water.I mean water gives rise to life.The very 1st creature that evolved there were bacteria.Yeah!archeabacteria still can survive at 120°c temperature.I make this evolution from long form into short as:

Bacteria==>Algae give rise to three important organism=>Fungi+Plants+Animals

From Animals more complex and advanced form came into existence called man.

At the ancient time,man is called herbivores that eats grass and vegetable and covered his body by leaves.He became frightened by storms and from heavy rain.But every reasoning gives rise to clarity and man after thinking be able to work in day without any fear.The lust of Food changed him from herbivores to Carnivores.And with the time being man was omnivore mean he can eat both plants and animals as well like crow and bear.

•Modern Man is called as Homo sapiens

Necessity is mother of invention

This simple man started to communicate with his fellow man.And this communication gave rise to demands.Man started their 1st business and meet their desire through Goods By Goods.It's mean man were started to exchange needs if one need wheat the other fellow exchanged meat through wheat.As this system has flaws.As wheat can't be equal to diamond if exchange is required for survival.His reasoning point of view changed and he introduced the concept hard currency.This system was fairly good and every nation of the world introduced their own hard currency.

.Modern Currency is called BCH

Again man feel not comfort with many other inventions.He also want the hard currency work with speed of light.If he want to go to moon,same fast criteria he dreamed for money that was in hard form.The long and short of this story is hard copy changed into soft copy.We called the soft copy of money as digital currency.This was fast and again more facilitative for man.His greed and his angel of thinking was again awesome.It is about 20th century when a man talked about Crypto as a future of money.Yeah!Bitcoin come into existence not by simple story but from a hard job.Many countries were against it and think that it was ridiculous a Crypto cab be the future of money.But time proved that Bitcoin was successful digital currency till 2008-2019.During this interval many other crypto were discovered by different nations and different people.The other Crypto were also popular in human.Some introduced by meme like Dogecoin and some come into existence as a competitor like Ethereum,Tether,Rub and Euro.

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The shit coin Oh oo I am talked about bitcoin gained its full bloom and get sky high fame.But every high status changes into fall and disappear.Same happen with BTC.After getting too much attachment with human income.The shitcoin bloom era going to worn out.High transaction fee and low block-chains make this crypto limited to Billionaire.Oh oo sorry BTC is now known as Crypto of Millionaire and Billionaire.

The end up of its fame has many reason as

  • High transaction fee

  • Low transaction speed

  • Less block chain

This shit-coin give rise to bitcoin cash as water give rise to life I can Explain.

Water==>Life. BTC===>BCH


Why BCH?

The shitcoin falling era changed into rising era of Bitcoin Cash.Although no one know who discovered it.But every one know its fruits and I can say Modern currency is called bitcoin cash due to following reasons.

  • Low transaction fee

  • Fast transaction like speed of light

  • Greater number of you can say millions of block-chains.

The additional fruits I am going to mention here.It gives to human as Sir @MarcDeMesel mentioned freedom of speech and freedom of money.Many privacy factors and many people's corruption was unveiled by wikileakes and Panama leakes.The censorship problems can easily solved by BCH.BCH is called modern money and more price sly can be called as man money.Man has full control of it.Its popularity is increasing day by day.I am big supporter and lover of it just many other humble supporters.I love to it.BCH magic is still blooming on many platforms I mentioned Here most popular just like on

  • Noise cash

  • Read cash

  • Memo cash

  • BCH games

These all platforms rewards you in BCH love and BCH enjoyment.

Future Horizon

By watching the graphs,fame and popularity that BCH procured in shorter duration with speed of light I am in the position to predict something great.Something that is magical.Something that is everyone hope.

What is this predication?

You are curios now.Take a deep breath.I can say with challenge and can bet on my prediction.Even my whole property.Thing coming era is of BCH.And BTC is replaced by BCH.You can see the BCH as the money of everyone not money of millionaire or billionaires just like BTC.

Oh oo really is it?.Yes,it is reality with showing the trend and investing I can guess something.Yes,I can guess something valuable and precious.I tell you.Listen to me.Please pay attention I have a favorite equation for billion of population fate.Here is it not wait.Your wait is over.Just see:

The price of BCH>>>>>>>>>>The price of BTC.

Am I pumping BCH?

Nope,its love is pumping into the hearts of people and you know what It deserved it when you give freedom from every problem you gained popularity,prayers and become the hope of people.BCH is the future of Shitcoin end of the chapter.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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