I got married

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2 years ago

Yes the tittle of this article is I got married...

I named this article I got married, because last month ( That is November ) the marriage contract was signed between me and my partner.

Despite the fact that I am unable to reaches you here and informed you about my marriage, but I think is not too late now, especially considering the fact that I was so committed during that time.

Let me now explain to you a little bit on how it took place.

I and my partner, spent many years in relationship, since before I was admitted to university. We are into love, love and love. In late 2017, we got engaged. I was so happy at that time, because of the bonding between us, we really love each other.

After engagement, we continue with our love activities and preparation for the marriage. And luckily enough, by the help of almighty Allah, a day and time was fixed for our wedding ceremony. The time shall come ' I said to my mind ' despite I thought the time is too long.

Gradually, as we are moving on, time is going, the time arrived, that was on 15/11/2020 that is the day.

Prior to the time , that is 2 days before the wedding day, different people from different locations started arriving so as to witness the marital contract. I was so happy to see my family and friends from different locations coming for my marriage. I pray for Almighty Allah to bless them and us respectively.

On the wedding day, immediately in the morning, around 4:00am , I woked up and started preparation for the day, hence we slept with my friends in the room where I used to sleep, they've helped me in taking breakfast, but to my surprise I couldn't eat well. They laughed and insisted that I should eat more. I just add a little more.

After I eat my breakfast, prepared myself for the day, we then went to the wedding ground, where I saw different people, I don't know some people that I saw on that day. I was very very happy on that day. The marriage contract was signed, people congratulates us and prayed for Almighty Allah to protect, guide, help, enrich, enlight, forgive and bless our Union.

After that, we move on to the specific place design for partying and dinner, we enjoyed eating from the food prepare for that day. People were all happy, taking pictures with me. I was so happy on that day.

In the night, we met with my partner in our house, and I felt so happy and makes a special prayer for ourselves and people in general.

Finally, I want use this medium to thank you all, and seek your prayers for our marriage that took place, and apologize for late notice.

Thank you so much and remain blessed...

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2 years ago


I really welcomes your comments, suggestions and prayers.

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2 years ago