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How to grow zinnia flowers

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11 months ago
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Get to know the zinnia flower!

What we need to know is that zinnia flowers are indeed quite familiar ornamental plants that we know so far, so we can find them in several countries.

In this case, ornamental plants have a very positive impact on human life because flowers can also relieve prolonged stress.

No doubt a lot of people want to plant and have flowers or other ornamental plants, but it's not as easy as you think that planting something is not easy.

It should be underlined, if we want to plant or have ornamental plants we must know how to care for and plant them properly .

So this time I want to share what I have learned and observed for several months when I planted zinnia flowers, hopefully my explanation can be understood and can make you able to practice it.

First thing !

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  • The first point If we want to plant zinnia flowers then we must know what kind of flowers we want, because there are several models of zinnia flowers that I know, but all of them are still beautiful.

  • The second point we must have a good place and have enough sunlight, this aims to keep the flowers getting sunlight to stay healthy.

  • And the third point we have a good planting medium to give when planting zinia flower seeds.

How to get seeds?

We can get zinnia flower seeds from several sources, namely.

  • Buying from an online store, but you must have a really trusted store so that the seeds you get are good and don't fail.

  • Get seeds from neighbors or friends who have the flowers we want.

  • And lastly, we can get seeds from flowers that we have ourselves if we already have flowers.

How to make seeds?

Of course we already know that making flower or plant seeds is different so we can take an example from zinnia flowers.

The thing we have to do is wait until the zinnia flower parts dry up or completely die.

And after that you can immediately take the seeds in the middle of the zinnia flower, but you can also sprinkle them directly on the planting media that you have prepared beforehand.

And keep in mind that zinnia flowers are very easy to plant, but if the seeds planted are not too old and dry, they will fail.

So in other words, you have to dry the flower parts to get maximum results later.

Thus my article this time about zinnia flowers and how to produce seeds, hopefully it will be useful and can inspire you all.

Look forward to the next article!!

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Written by   75
11 months ago
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