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Reminiscing about the passing of my beloved grandmother

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1 year ago
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One month passed

After the passing of my grandmother one month ago, now I have been able to go through everything, but the longing sometimes always comes over.

Indeed, we cannot forget someone we love quickly, we will never be able to, it's just that to do new things you have to try to continue with a better life.

In January, my grandmother fell ill and needed to be operated on as soon as possible, but at that time I was still short on money to cover my grandmother's surgery costs.

I tried to find loans here and there but still didn't get it, with a heavy heart I threw away my shame to ask for donations from all of my friends.

In the past, I didn't know many people here, so I asked for help and sent a message to all my friends who were with me on Kiki Time.

I hope that many will help me, I sent almost 20 people I know well.

But beyond my expectations, it turns out that there are many things that make me sad, my friends who I hope can give good answers, many of them just ignore it.

From all the messages, some who want to help me and care the most are @bmjc98 who want to help me until I am here.

I won't name names, but I'm sure they have their own reasons for doing this, they just read messages from me without replying, some didn't read them at all, some replied but they didn't have any money.

What makes me even more sad, it's very far from what I expected, maybe they think I just tricked them to get their money.

But there are some who care and they invite me to enter this, at first I refused, but @bmjc98 convinced me if I could write here and they would give me a tip.

I am confused about what to write here, even the article I made was only 2 minutes long, you could even say it's not an article.

Image courtesy of bmjc98

Create a charity wallet

There were many who cared when I published my first article after @bmjc98 made an article about myself who needed help.

I am very happy to get that assistance, it really helped me, it is not much, but it is very valuable to me.

I was confused about how to withdraw the money, with the help of all my friends I was taught how to withdraw the money so that I could take it as soon as possible.

After I was able to take it I immediately looked for additional money and then paid all the hospital bills so that my grandmother had an operation immediately.

My journey still hasn't stopped, I experienced things that make me even more sad, when I have paid and my grandmother is going to do the surgery.

But my grandmother was infected with the Covid-19 virus which made the operation dangerous for her, there is nothing I can do, I can only wait for good news from the hospital.

A few days after the surgery everything went well, nothing to make me more anxious.

But after one week my grandmother's condition got worse due to complications, it made me sad and felt like a failure, I really hope she can recover but the reality says different.


The thing that I was afraid of really happened, after a few days of being treated by my grandmother, she breathed her last, I felt sad when my grandmother was first admitted to the hospital.

After several days of battling her illness my grandmother really left and would never come back again, on January 21, 2021 my grandmother passed away.

This is the umpteenth time I have lost someone I care about and now I just live alone, the person I have is gone and now I can only remember it without being able to touch it.

There is no regrets about taking care and making money to heal him, because I love him more than myself.

Maybe right now he is in a very beautiful place there, I hope he can feel happiness always now.

I just wanted to say an apology because I couldn't make him happy yet.

And to all friends who have helped me, thank you very much, forgive me if I can't mention your names one by one, but I always remember your kindness to me.

Many things I have passed, I am writing this only to remember my grandmother, because no matter how much I try to be happy, I still miss my grandmother.

This is my first article when looking for donations.

And this is @bmjc98 article For me.

And this is my article when my grandmother died.

  • There is nothing I can give other than my gratitude to all friends who have helped me, I hope your kindness will be a helper and all will return to you.

  • Good things always return to someone who does good, as well as bad things.

  • May health, success and happiness come to all of you.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
Topics: Noise.Cash, Club1BCH, Journey, Recap, BCH, ...
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