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Price of Ripple / XRP in February 2021

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1 year ago
A screenshot of the ripple price in January 2021

The lowest price for XRP in January

We know that RIPPEL / XRP is very much different from the price of BTC or BCH, the price of XRP is very low because we know this XRP is a recent newcomer.

The price of XRP in 2020 is very low, the range is 0.15 USD, but if the IDR currency is quite large, what is more when XRP is able to survive and enter the next year, until XRP is able to go up quickly, the price is cheap but sufficient profitable for long term investment.

XRP itself is at 0.28 USD but this is very big in IDR, because the size of USD makes IDR under, but this is very profitable for me to invest my money in XRP, my obstacle in investing is the money itself , I don't have much money so can only invest a few USD.

However, I believe that the XRP price increase in 2021 will allow me to take a decent profit from my initial capital, it's just that when I get new profits I am too rushed to send money to my bank account, automatically I can't take more profit if the price The XRP is going higher.

3.883 IDR = 0.28 USD I invested my money only 10 USD, can you calculate how much my profit if XRP goes up to 0.50 USD, I can receive 2 times my own capital, big profit for me at that time, which is a regret is when this XRP actually went up at the highest price I expected.

Screenshot of XRP price in February 2021

Increase after entry in early February

It is unmistakable in my estimation, the price of XRP has risen to 6,099 IDR or 0.44 USD, this makes me very frustrated why I took only a few profits, not waiting for it to actually go up to a higher price.

Actually I wanted to wait for a higher hike because I was sure if the XRP price would go up in the next month, the small profit I took really made me frustrated, but I knew at that time I couldn't hold the money in my digital wallet any longer. , many needs and needs are more important, finally I was forced to decide to take a little profit from the increase in the price of XRP itself.

I feel that XRP is also very suitable for me because my finances are not that big, I can take a little profit but I can continue to grow my finances, it doesn't mean I don't like BCH, it's just that I can't afford to buy BCH coins, you know the price of BCH coins currently it's 530 USD whereas I can only buy XRP which is cheaper, the price of 1 XRP is only 0.30 USD to 0.50 USD.

So in other words I can invest my money to be more and take advantage of the increase in prices, I believe there are many reliable traders who have more money and can buy BTC and BCH which are very expensive for me, but I believe that one day I can too. like those of you who have a lot of money from trading in stocks.

Screenshot of XRP price for February 12 at 4:46 pm

Very fast increase

What I said before that the XRP price could go up to the highest price of 8,338 IDR = 0.60 USD, this is a very high increase of up to 3 times from January, but this still hasn't reached the previous XRP price which reached 10,056 IDR = 0.80 USD, almost 1 USD but at that high price many people sell XRP, even the highest price doesn't last long, it's just a matter of hours and it immediately drops to the lowest price again, which is 0.28 USD.

However, after many people were interested in the cheap price of XRP, now XRP has risen back to its highest price, even though it hasn't passed the previous record of 0.80 USD, but the current price is so stable and doesn't drop suddenly and doesn't rise suddenly, it will take several days for the increase. the current price of XRP, but it has shown that XRP is also able to rise past the very low 2020 prices.

I will take advantage of this moment to reinvest my money when the price of XRP drops to its lowest price, but a few days I am waiting for the XRP price to increase, but I am sure that in the near future when XRP reaches its highest price there will be many who sell shares and lower the XRP price. back.

May I become a reliable and successful trader like those of you who have already achieved that success, I change my life for the better by becoming a trader, whatever I do with a sincere heart and my love for digital currencies.

Today I learn to keep giving my best.....


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Written by   37
1 year ago
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