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BCH logo !! Basic editing !!

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1 year ago

Creating the BCH logo

This time I created the BCH logo with a few differences, with several different meanings for myself.

I really made this with my mindset of what I made this time.

I'm not too sure if my logo is good, but at least I want to show if I can make a different one.

Actually I am afraid to upload this in the article, but I really want to make it.

So I decided to upload it here, if anyone is not happy tell me so I can delete it as fast as possible.

So that no one is more angry with the articles and logos that I created, here I will also give a little clarity about what the logo I created means.

It's not from other people's thinking, but it's really from myself to make up all its meaning.

The first logo

This logo is not very good, but the meaning of the symbols that are beside and below it I can make myself, and this for myself.

The first symbol on the side is a symbol of rice, maybe if in other countries you don't really know, but rice is a poko food in my country.

Namely rice / rice after going through several processes and can be enjoyed with other side dishes.

Like rice / rice, Bitcoin Cash also gives life to me, changes some of my routines and is able to make me better.

For the small symbol at the bottom, it indicates that if not all things are always bad, there are times when the bad things are in balance with the good we do.

The bad things we cover up may not change, but from that bad thing we can sometimes help someone.

A small example of badness is lies, if we do bad things by doing lies for good then it doesn't hurt.

If there is someone who wants to commit suicide but we don't know what the problem is, after knowing that he has lost his lover then we might do something lying, if we will help him to come back.

That is to prevent them from doing unwanted things, we are actually not sure we can help their problems, but we are doing it for the good of those who want to do stupid things.

Maybe lies can't be justified, but lies can sometimes be good.

It doesn't mean that lies are justified, if the lies are to benefit oneself then it's not justified .;))

Second logo

There is only one meaning that I made, because I was confused what to add here, but I tried to explain with my own mind.

Bitcoin Cash is like a tree, which can make my life better, before my life was just eating and sleeping.

But after I got to know and Bitcoin Cash I started a lot of big changes.

From usual I just stay quiet and do my usual activities, now I often think and write articles for me to send here.

With an article I can get Bitcoin Cash which I can use for my personal needs and for other things.

Why are there trees, ?? Because for me Bitcoin Cash will continue to grow and be beneficial to everyone, like a tree that provides oxygen to every human being and provides fresh air.

That's how Bitcoin Cash is feeling like this now, giving me a big change.

Maybe I wrote this too much, actually I just want to express my heart's content, if this is too much, I'm sorry.

The third and different logo

Why am I making a logo about #Club1BCH again ?? Why not make another logo ??

Here I explain that I made this because I love being here with the great people of #Club1BCH.

So if I can't be like them at least I can be behind them to always be their support.

I am here because my friend invited me to come here with she, there are indeed many great people and good people.

I am happy to be here, and I can express my heart's content here.

Back to the logo discussion, why is it only black and white ?? Why is it so full of pictures ??

Actually I made this because I was happy, but by making this I know that life is not always colorful.

Sometimes life can be black and white like writing and paper, where when we experience bad things, it can make things that were beautiful and colorful, and we suddenly become moody and quiet.

The things we do all we can't enjoy and do with all our hearts, because of what ??

Because we get bad things that make our lives black and white, the meaning of black and white is clear, namely happiness in life.

When there is happiness, surely our lives will be very meaningful and never forgotten, every single thing we do.

And if that sadness comes, that's where our life becomes colorless.

Too complicated image

I didn't make it myself, but I stuck it there because I liked it.

But the meaning of the picture indicates that life is not always easy.

Sometimes we have hard days, sometimes we have easy days.

Everything we can do, but we also often find things that we cannot do alone.

We need help from others for things that we think are difficult but for them easy.

Indeed, life is fair, there is nothing that all of us can do, and everyone must have experienced this too.

This is the cycle of life where everyone becomes helping each other, everyone needs our help, so do we, need help from others. :))

A little drama was written in this ,;))

Why does it say #Club1BCH

I said above that if I am supporting #Club1BCH, I understand what they want, so I support them.

Moreover, my friends whom I have known for a long time are also there, and are part of the #Club1BCH family.

I pray that the desires they want to achieve can happen as soon as possible, nothing will be impossible if we are willing to keep trying.

And for me now everyone here is a friend and has become a part of my life.

I know a lot of people, I got a lot of lessons here, I hope will always grow and develop to continue to grow creative people here.

If what I write can't be understood please give me a positive voice so I can correct my words to make it even better.

Thank you for reading my article, if you are interested in my article, wait for my next article.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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Nice logo

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