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Fiction Piece-1

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1 month ago

It was a sunny day. Three friends plan to meet after a gap of time. Two of them are struggling to make their way into acting, enduring and living misery of a life going for auditions, working for low sums here and there to make ends meet. The third one is indulged in the corporate sector. Now, being successful in it, he wonders if he really wanted it or not.

They plan to meet after the two of them want to take a break from auditions for a while. They go to one last audition, in which one of them gets selected. This last hiatus turns out to be the break for the second friend. There was a hidden sorrow in the first friend's face, but he was delighted at the first sight of his friend being selected. They plan to celebrate after they meet the third friend.

The third friend has had a long day. The constant frustration of being unrecognised after contributing the most, sort of ate him from the inside. The three finally meet at third's place. They plan to go out for drinks, celebrate second's break as they discuss what is ahead of him.

They reach the bar, order their usual, and look back at how far they have come. They all came with their visions, heads held up, not going to compromise for whatsoever reason. And here they were, drinking to one of them just making a dent, where he should have dug a hole. Third was apart from them, third thought that he was above this worldly pleasures of expressing the artist inside him, which the two were chasing.

First had a story altogether apart. Being miserable at what he did, never once he lost hope. Struggling together, they decided to switch careers, if they didn't make a mark in the last audition. Even after being pursued by them both, first was adamant to follow his passion. They all get drunk pretty bad, for it was their only way to forget the dejection in their overtly normal life.

They get back into their car, not in their best senses. They felt they should call a cab, but they all agree to drive anyway, as if for the moment, they didn't want to get detached from this innate peace which they have achieved. They drive slowly towards their destinations, being careful and careless at the same time.

Suddenly, a lightning struck a nearby pole they are just going to pass, as the whole sky flashes from shades of red to blue, right in front of their eyes. They feel astonished and terrified, for they have never witnessed this in the entirety of their lives. The pole falls on their car. There is a sudden emptying dark all around, only for the car's lights to flicker and eventually die out.

The morning headlines read-"A big shot corporate lawyer, an up and coming method actor and a struggling artist die at the hands of an electricity pole struck by lightning".

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1 month ago
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