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Coin Hunt World: Sushi Quest

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5 months ago

Brand new Sushi Quests and new Sushi Structures have been added to the game along with new resources and blueprints on August 4, 2022!

This is the first CHW Vendor Quest to partner with real restaurants, connecting the real world with the Cubieverse! Here are more details!

Official CHW Announcement:

How to complete the Sushi Quest?

(Currently in beta and at selected locations. Please use the Community Map)

It's quite simple and involves one of the easiest and best things in life. Eat sushi! All you need to do is go to a sushi restaurant with a Sushi Structure built on it in the Cubieverse, then go inside and sit down for a meal! 

Once at your table, tap the in-game Sushi Structure to start the quest for the cost of 1 Green Key, and enjoy sushi with your friends or family as you usually do at the restaurant, leaving your phone aside on the table or in your pocket.

Cubie Eating Animation

Your cubie will also eat in the Cubieverse and after 45 minutes the timer will run out and you will be able to collect the Sushi Reward Box. After the quest has been rewarded, a 7 days cooldown for that Sushi Structure will start preventing players from doing the quest more than once per week, per restaurant.

Sushi Quest Reward Box

If you leave the structure while doing the quest, there will be a 3 minute timer to let you go back to the restaurant and continue the quest. If the timer runs out or if you cancel the quest, the reward will be forfeit and you will not get your Green Key back! You will have to wait 15 minutes before doing the quest again.

Where are the Sushi Structures?

For now, the Sushi Quest and Sushi Structure features are in beta. Testing will begin with 9 pre-selected locations in each capital of each hunting territory. The in-game locations of the structures will be virtually connected to real sushi restaurants in Washington D.C., Ottawa, London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, San Salvador, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur.

Sushi Structure

It was announced that players will be able to build their own Sushi Structures in a future update and once everything is running smoothly. For now, you can find restaurant locations using the official Community Map or you can find individual restaurant addresses using the Wiki.

The Sushi Quest rewards

Upon completing the Sushi Quest, players will receive a special reward box with randomly selected and guaranteed resources (1 Sharp Knife, 100 Nigiri, or 100 Chopsticks) and a chance to get the exclusives Sushi Chefs cubie blueprints!

Sushi Chef Cubie Blueprint (high drop chance)

Blueprint Recipe:
200 Chopsticks
100 Nigiri
1000 Resin

Cubie Printing Time: 10 Minutes (unlimited usage)

Sushi Chef Cubie Blueprint
Sushi Chef Cubie

Master Sushi Chef Cubie Blueprint (low drop chance)

Blueprint Recipe:
1000 Chopsticks
1000 Nigiri
1 Sharp Knife
5000 Resin

Cubie Printing Time: 20 Minutes (unlimited usage)

Master Sushi Chef Cubie Blueprint
Master Sushi Chef Cubie

I really like this new structure. Coin Hunt World players can now add sushi restaurants to there hunting travels. I can't wait to have the chance to try it.

This is the first of many more Vendor Quests to come and in my opinion one of the best addition to the Cubieverse so far. It pushes the boundaries of virtual gaming and adds new gameplay and new ways to connect the game to the real world!

It's also a great opportunity to connect with people we love! Consider bringing friends over for dinner and why not invite them to the Cubieverse at the same time so they can also feed their cubies for digital rewards! (Careful with the sake if you plan to continue hunting with your car hehe)

Let me know in the comments which restaurant or vendor structure you would like to see in Coin Hunt World! I would love to see a Pizza Quest! Pizza is love. Pizza is life!

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a geo-location trivia adventure game, which uses augmented reality and high-end technologies in its core development! 

Earn cryptocurrency and take part in building the Cubieverse while doing your daily activities (walking, cycling, driving). Go around town to build Structures or find Vaults, answer Trivia, complete Quests, and compete in multiplayer challenges with huge crypto rewards, as well as cool in-game items like rare Cubiescrafting resources, and NFTs.

If you have an android phone and like to hunt around your city to catch pocket monsters, you're probably familiar with the game genre. Except here in CHW, you're fighting against your own general knowledge and getting real pocket money! Of course, there are cute little creatures and other shiny things to collect. The game is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, the Philippines. and now Malaysia.

Join the Coin Hunters Family and come help us build the Cubieverse! Use my referral link to download the game and get 2 mystery boxes when you upgrade HQ!

Artwork by Kevostrings

Coin Hunt World official Hunting Merch now available!

☝️ Ladies of the Hunt Merch Store ☝️

Pass by the CHW Discord's Channel #chw-merch to see all the awesome products made by the community for the community!

Download Now!

Discord Server:

Community Map:

Coin Hunt World Wiki:

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Written by   28
5 months ago
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