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HonklerHangout Flipstarter introduction

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1 month ago

I'm Liberlander Yoshi Livo and I host cryptostream HonklerHangout.

To participate in the flipstarter campaign, please follow this link.

I stream almost daily and usually start around 6 pm Liberland time (GMT+1), feel free to ask your questions live, on stream, or visit telegram / discord, where you can send a pm to user Yoshi Livo.


Hello everybody,

Time for an update, because with the inauguration of Joe Biden a prediction about the upcoming 4 years can be made, so let's give it a go!

First of all, I really hope that people by now are able to smell bullshit when bullshit is produced, but to be fair, I fear the worst. I predict that in the upcoming 4 years fake news will take off to a completely new level. The official government narrative will emphasize the corona crisis and will aid the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and the Sustainable Development Goal's of the United Nations. The media will try everything in it's power to make people hate eachother by deviding people, for example based on race, gender, political opinion or the way how they look at various topics of the plandemic. The goal of this devision is simple, make people fight eachother so that they don't pay attention to how their freedom is being stolen from them.

The devision will cause a more and more polarizing landscape for the public debate. To be able to stand your ground in that debate, one needs to be prepared to go deep and have an incredibly strong belief in their own story, because you will be attacked for speaking out your opinion. This attack doesn't have to be physical, but can also take forms of cyber bullying and intimidation.

I already wrote down that I fear the worst when it comes to the ability for people to call out bullshit. It shows today by the amount of people that demand mouthprotection for covid prevention that people really don't care about facts and base their decisions on emotions only. The damage that lockdowns and social distancing results to is not mentioned by the corporate media, same like positive crypto stories that seem to not exist in their world. I would love to be create my own narrative, of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, that will prove how much fun living with crypto and without covid fear can be. My end goal is to have a governance system on the blockchain so people can govern themselves and live in a direct democracy.

In order for me to stand a chance against the violence of the main stream I have started a flipstarter campaign. This campaign is going to be the support to back up my story. In total the campaign goes for 25 BCH and when I complete it successfully it completely legitimizes my stance in life, because then my Liberland money will provide for the solid basis of my narrative.

In the last 3 years I'm trying to settle myself here, 20 miles out of Liberland. So far it's not really been working out though. Sure, I managed to make new friends and have a good time, but my life is not really taking place in this region, I mostly live my life online. That is what is needed to keep up with all the latest information. I spend on average 40 hours per week to research information and keep myself up to date with current events in the world. I've noticed how this doesn't really make me happy. It takes a lot of time and in general it can be said that it's a very negative energy that one has to mingle with. An energy that makes it difficult to stay positive, simply because the amount of negativity is so overwhelming. Hyperinflation, starvation, civil unrest, it's all-in the pipeline if you have to believe heavyweights like WEF's Bond-villain Claus Schwab.

This is why a successfull flipstarter is an essential part of my strategy. I will be able to laugh back at the haters when the money of Liberland provides me with the means to tell my story. I can make the investments needed to start a crypto related business that will allow me to sell local art with use of crypto, and I will have the opportunity to improve the stream by buying new equipment like a better microphone and a computer that is dedicated to the task of streaming my story to the world.

I one of my latest video's I mention that the world is in limbo and that we need to wait on the election results to make a plan for the future. I've used the past couple of weeks to re-think my own life and came to the conclusion that only with sufficient support will I stand a chance to hold my own in this ever more polarized world. There is no use for me to keep on doing what I'm doing, because it takes a lot of energy and returns me with nothing. In a way, I feel like I failed already, because I've not been able to reach the masses and look at the crypto price today. I was really hoping to educate some more people then I did, but all the decisions I made so far resulted in the situation of today. I like to refrain from calling that situation bad or good, it's simply how that cards have been shuffled today and I need to play the hand I'm dealt.

I really can't complain about my life on a personal level and I'm really gratefull that somehow I ended up in the location that I'm at right now. It's beautiful here and this place offers me everything I could have asked for. Life goes slow in this part of the world and it's the best place to lay down low and let the events in the world play out while being almost unaffected by the turn of events. These day's I look at so many protests that take place and so many fights that are being fought. I moved away from the Netherlands, but I notice I still have some trouble in really letting go. I have to make a decision to either go for it with full motivation and really put myself out there, or leave the public stage and enjoy my life in peace. Any middleground in this story will result in me becoming unhappy to not be able to make a difference but seeing the world go to shit. I do not need that in my life and I know I'm better then that. For that reason I came up with the current flipstarter campaign which is going to determin the way how my life goes forward.

I believe my offer is a good one. 20.000 dollar in Liberland value on offer for 25 BCH, this comes down to 800$ per BCH and that's almost twice as much as the coins currently go for. Besides this Liberland money I believe in the last year I've showed what my stream is all about and what I'm capable of. I would love to show the world my life on crypto and I really do believe that my story will be of added value to cryptocurrencies as a whole, but I leave it up to the free market to make that decision.

I'm looking for 25 supporters that will take my offer for 1 BCH each, ofcourse if you want to become citizen of Liberland you will need to have 5000$ worth of Liberland money, so I hope that 1 person sees enough benefit in having a second citizenship in a taxhaven with 0% income taks, so that 25% of the goal, or 6.25 BCH, will be payed by one party alone.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact me, for example live on stream. I will be more then happy to explain myself and take away any doubt one might have. You can expect to see me around the upcoming weeks, where I will do my best to make the flipstarter campaign into a success. I hope that our future will be long and proserous and for now I want to thank all readers for taking interest in my story.  

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Written by   19
1 month ago
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