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Critical traits of a leader

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1 year ago
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Over the years, I’ve conducted qualitative research on what positive,
inspiring leadership looks like (and what it is not).  Sadly, over the
past several years, we’ve seen an increase of examples of negative and
destructive leadership and communication that has palpable results –
it leads to a dramatic expansion of fear, hate, recrimination,
divisiveness, blame and anxiety.  Those outcomes are the opposite of
what enlightened leadership generates.

How do positive influencers and leaders make a meaningful difference
to the people and endeavors they touch?

I’ve seen that there are six  critical traits of positive,
life-affirming leadership that uplifts rather than destroys. And you
can begin cultivating these in your  own life today.
These six keys are:
1-They are clear about the challenges ahead, but they inspire faith,
hope and collaboration, not fear.
2-Blame is not in their rhetoric – they never stoop to recrimination
or demeaning, belittling language.
3-Their self-esteem is strong enough to take constructive criticism
and critique, and in fact, they welcome it.
4-Their communication style is positive, with words that inspire
greatness and growth in us.
5-They don’t surround themselves only with people who “yes” them –
they surround themselves with diversity, truth and openness.
6-The success that they long for is success and opportunity for all –
not just one faction, group, or organization.

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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