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A world without technology

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2 days ago

Have you for once ever sat down and have this thought “WHAT IF THERE WAS NO TECHNOLOGY?”

I was just chilling down at the balcony enjoying the beauty of the large yellow sun after work when the thought scale through my mind. I actually couldn’t fathom how or why my mind just has to throw that question to me when I was chilling so as to recuperate the energy lost during the day.

But come to think of it, if truly just as it scaled through my mind there were no technology in the present day world, what would have become of the it? I believe if we are to be giving the room to tell what you thought would have become if there were to be no technology,(which you are given in the comment section below) you would have tons to say. Below are some of the sectors which technology has played a crucial part.


Let’s take a look at the current unseen terrorist who has terrorized the world, COVID-19. Comparing it to other virus that once hit the world like the SPANISH FLU, and a host of others. We would believe that the advancement of technology was what saved the world. CHOLERA a disease that killed tons during its first outbreak due to the un-advanced technology is now the same disease that is seen as no threat to humanity anymore. I strongly believe if let’s say the corona virus outbreak happened in the 1900s, the fatalities recorded would be a lot greater than what we have today. If there were to be no technology, maybe there would have been no speculation of depopulation of the world as been the motive behind covid-19 as some people say since millions of people that were saved through tech wouldn’t have been added to the numbers.


I can’t help but wonder where our forefathers got their strength from. They walk hundreds of miles with loads. People travel from the present day Africa to the Middle East on foot! Spending hundreds of days on their way, some don’t make it back home and a host of other bad things that befalls them.

But through technology, the journey that takes hundred of days has been turn to journey of hours. Even animals like camels and donkeys I believe will be thankful to technology.

In this part, we can’t but give credit to THE WRIGHT BROTHERS, CARL BENZ, KARL VON DRAIS, JON FITCH and a host of others than wasn’t mentioned.


How many of us had the opportunity to hear the stories of our grannies when they were courting with no internet, GSM, fax and others except for post office. Unlike nowadays when we can communicate with anyone, anywhere and anytime. It may take months for a father who wrote to his son in the U.K from Africa to hear from him.

Technology has also helped in saving of lives through communication. The people who were lucky to be rescued during the fall of the titanic, enjoyed the grace of communication I believe we all know of other examples. We cant help but say kudos to JOHN LOGIE BIARD, ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, GUILIELMO MARCONI and those who I couldn’t mention.

Let me put my fingers to rest here for you to have your say. What do you think of the world or how do you view the world without technology?

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Written by   8
2 days ago
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