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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ecosystem: Top Articles for *Bitcoin Cash Wallet*

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1 week ago

More than one week ago, I started writing an article for the theme “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ecosystem”. The aim is to explore all aspects of the BCH ecosystem, including facts, challenges, opportunities, campaigns, adoption, and everything else. There are so many stories that accompany this trend that I believe I'll be able to come up with subjects that would be useful to both me and my viewers. My two articles for this theme are “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ecosystem 101: No Point Of Failure”, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ecosystem: Top  Articles for Bitcoin Cash

This article is a continuation of the main topic “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ecosystem”.

I'll have a look at the available articles on this website that are relevant to this subject. After the launch of ‘read' in 2019, I believe there has been an explosion of articles written by amateur and veteran authors that are either terrible or impressive but useful to all of us. However, I can not assess and judge an article's content because I am not qualified to do so, and it is not the purpose of this article. My focus is to look for specific topics that surround this theme. This is another Do Your Own Research (DYOR) activity.

Tools and Methods

My search started by using the search parameter *Bitcoin Cash Wallet*. Search filters include relevance,  limited to articles or posts, and authored or posted by everybody. Search parameters were entered in the search bar of the ‘read’ site, and results are refined by using or ensuring the mentioned filters. In the search results, only articles with ‘Wallet’ and ‘BCH’ or ‘Bitcoin Cash’ were considered. Articles were manually selected in consideration of the number of upvotes, comments, and tipped amount, and encoded to a spreadsheet for sorting according to the selected criteria.

Results and Discussion

The search criteria yields are more than a hundred search results. The search result’s page of this site was not designed to organize search results into pages, the list seems infinite results up to the irrelevant articles. Hopefully, this will be improved. This search only considers the top 50 items on the result’s page.

Here are some interesting finds from the results:

  • Wallets

Mentioned wallets are App Wallet, web wallet,, Coinomi, Coinbase, Multibit, Zapit Wallet, Magnum Wallet,, badger wallet, Cointext, ElectronCash, Neutrino, Thrust Wallet, and CoinEx Wallet.

  • Wallet Classification or Types

These are the classification of wallets as mentioned by a single article: Desktop wallets, Mobile Wallets (Apps), Web Wallets, Hardware Wallets, and Soft Wallets. 

  • Top 3 Tipped Articles

  1. Article Title: I now buy goods with BCH, paying from my wallet. You too can...
    Writer/Author: @MaxDeValue.BCH

    T.Amount: $102.55

  2. Article Title: Article Title: BCH Wallet for Filipinos
    Writer/Author: @avie018

    T.Amount: $22.46

  3. Article Title: 2021 BCH Challenge: Why I decided to create BCH Wallets? 

    Writer/Author: @gerl

    T.Amount: $14.37

Just the same, there are articles that don't gain traction from other users and/or from Rusty even if the article was already published 4-5 months ago. There are others that are being upvoted, or given comments,  and/or tipped, but the numbers are almost negligible. The reasons as to why these articles are the top ones, or why others don’t, are not considered in this simple DYOR activity.

My Thoughts Sketch

Why this search parameter? This is because among the components of the BCH Ecosystem is 'services'. Wallets are part of the Services component of the ecosystem.

Where is the gap? Where is the opportunity? As of now, I'm stumped as to how to get major backers and contributors interested in an article about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and its components. However, I see an opening for a unique story about a personal encounter with the various BCH resources used or sought to attract other users to read and value your work.

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Written by   12
1 week ago
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It is a pleasure to read reviews as good as the ones you did with this publication.

I predict that you are going to be a very recognized author on this platform, keep publishing and offering such good content.

I agree with you that the search method and other things should be improved on this platform.

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1 week ago

I truly appreciate your meaningful engagement here. It is worth knowing that my article gives some value to the reader. For me, it's more of a responsibility to write quality articles than of its monetary gain, though at some point it is part of the motivation. With regards to the search results, I think it is better if it will be organized into pages. Hopefully, the admin of this platform will take notice of this observation and suggestion of ours.

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1 week ago