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How could I work at home with this ?

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9 months ago

Hello everyone !

Today I have something like a double post about my work and everything going on here on that wonderful platform !

Since a moment now, I have to work on a short movie. My work is to create all the special effects. But the shooting team didn't know how to make them so It's a total nightmare. Something that should be easy and take no more than 30 minutes is taking me the whole day 😭

I hate that, instead of just clicking on the green screen to remove it, I have to rotoscope each character and that takes hours.

The most difficult part it to try to execute that long and boring labour while sitting in front of my computer with tons of video games and other movies and steaming platforms. How is that possible to do ?

I tried to work while watching a movie. That works but it takes even longer because I'm less concentrated. To make something at the same time the most efficient is to listen to music, that even sometimes make me work faster, but here the problem is that I can't work faster than my computer... 😞

That is probably when I start to watch what is the second part of the post πŸ˜‰


Everything is huge. CineTv ? Vibes ? Those two news tribes (Vibes isn't that new but still pretty recent) are at the same time the Tribes I was looking for since I'm on Hive and also, wow that pays a lot ! πŸ“ˆ

This week is for me (I feel like I'm saying it every week, and It's amazing) probably the most paying week of all time on Hive. More than $20 on hive.πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

Cub is appearing to be an awesome opportunity and I decided to put $30 to buy some cub when it was at $2 and It's already +40%.

I'm just waiting to see how it's going and I could maybe buy some more. I know I have some savings somewhere, not big, around $110. And it should be a very big deal !

$110 is starting to be a huge amount for me, but losing it should not get me in trouble. And I don't think I will have any loss if I do it.

(I'm finally stopping to write this post and doing it right nowπŸ™„)

What was I saying ?

Yes, remember.

There is so much Hype here since some time !
I can't imagine a way where Hive, Leo and their ecosystems are not going to moon.

After paying like $150 of BAT and ETH to buy HIVE and seeing Hive price dipping and Eth price rising, when I realized that if I waited 6 months to make this, I would have 5 times more Hive. I was really disappointed. And even if that is still true I'm now realizing that I probably know more how to earn thanks to hive and live better moments of life !

And seeing my stake coming from $400 two months ago to $1400 today. I just don't care about that anymore.

I'm just enjoying my way here and would not exchange it for 10 times it's price in ETH (Except if I can Hive back with it)

I'm just getting more tips days after days in BCH onΒ

That is a really interesting platform ! That is just great to share some shorter posts and being even more free to share whatever I want than on Hive.

I'm here for only 2 months, not the best writer and not the best tipped one neither and I still have some great return !

I really don't know how it will be but this really makes me wait for :


I'm just waiting for that ! Everything would be awesome with this ! Microbloging is really great and making it within this ecosystem is what I'm waiting for !

I can't be happier to be there while the world is getting more involved into crypto and I hope I'll get some benefits from it. Even if in France we're still one of the worst countries for that.


As I said in previous post,Β I'm creating my own businessΒ and it appears that I'm having work even if it's now always paid.

That's why Hive is so important for me. I'm working with people who doesn't have enough money to pay me ? No problem, I make some posts here, I earn money and I could even bring them some viewers !

Now I want things to continue this way, and maybe get better if possible.

I would like to know if some of you have been impacted by hive by another way than just "making your posts brings you money". Do you use it for something else ? To get new customers or maybe to get some viewers or engagement to other platforms like Instagram (Go check mine, sorry it's empty) ?

You can join me on :
The microbloging platform and get rewarded with BCH

Also on :
That rewards both readers and authors with ETH and ERC-20 tokens

Share your unused bandwidth and get paid for that withΒ Honey gain

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Written by Β Β 30
9 months ago
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Great story after shocking and turn to comfort.. Dear can you guide me About Hive?? I also used noise cash.Good platform to earn😍😘

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9 months ago

Sure ! Take a look at this post to have some info about Hive :

If you want to create your account you can use this one :

This is my referral link and If you use it to create your account I will delegate your some HP to help you to start into the platform !!

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9 months ago

Heya grats! Go lang ng go!

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9 months ago

I also have HIVE and also LeoFinance but I can't manage it all as I don't do time management, I don't know how to manage my time πŸ™ˆ. Amd hey, you also have CUB, I just tried that one yesterday, and I'm loving it seriously.

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9 months ago

I totally understand you πŸ˜… I am lucky that for the moment I have a lot of free time and and don't have to work a lot (that won't last long) so I can spend a lot of time on it !

CUB is working pretty well yes 🀠 With the little price changes I already earned around $60 with a $130 initial investment in less than a week :)

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9 months ago

As for me, I have a lot of time, I just don't know how to divide it πŸ™ˆ. I was easily distracted by those anime series and KDrama series that is downloaded on my phone and I can't stop myself from watching it first πŸ™ˆ. And that's where my time is easily consumed πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚.

Yeah, I heard. That's why I also tried it tho, I only have 17+ CUB. It is better than nothing. Wow, you already earn a lot. I just start it yesterday so πŸ™ˆ

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9 months ago

I have the same problem ! What I try to do is writing some while I'm watching movies :')

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9 months ago

Pano magbuy sa cub haha may bnb na ko πŸ˜…

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9 months ago

Punta ka dun sa article ko o kaya dun kay Leejhen nasa article ko din un

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9 months ago

Ah okie same procedure ba nung cake? Haha baliw ako e nagbuy ako ng cake ang mahal niya

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9 months ago

Loka to, kala ko sa article kp tau naga replyan, sa ibang Article le pala ahaha tas tagalog pa. Ee di kaya sya Pilipino πŸ™ˆ

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9 months ago

Dunno, diko pa natry ang cakey. Gumaya ka kay Laulau na fomo haha.

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9 months ago