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BCH importance

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Hi friends!

Greetings all,

Hi friends I hope you are all doing well. Today is the age of technology and if we talk about the bitcoincash it is the payeer to payeer transaction method and a lot of people are available on this site who are making their future bright 💓Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created in August 2017, when Bitcoin had a fork which allowed to increase the size of the blocks and scalability.

BCH fame 💓

Bitcoin cash is mainly working on the using of BCH easier and people attract to the easy things. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continued Satoshi’s dream that Bitcoin to be used as a peer-to-peer currency in daily transactions. Robert Ver promoted the block size increase in order to achieve the daily use transactions and low transfer fees. Even if Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is different from Bitcoin (BTC) by ideology and block size, it still uses Proof-of-Work (POW) to mine new coins. Since the 2017 fork, Bitcoin Cash upgraded to blocksize to 32MB blocks and evolved the coin into a method of payment used world-wide. The developers created a strong map that will lead BCH to a bright future.

What bitcoincash says about Roger

He is working for the spreading of BCH love and also helping so many people in the world. Roger, Roger Keith Ver by his full name, was born on the 27th of January 1979, in San Jose, California. He invested in Bitcoin since 2011, and invested millions dollars in bitcoin related businesses. Roger Ver is the creator of many bitcoin related business and start-ups and is called the “Bitcoin Jesus” due to his active work on promoting Bitcoin. Roger Ver served as CEO of Bitcoin.Com until 1 August 2019, when he shifted to the Executive Chairman position, and the Fortune Magazine referred to him as the co-creator of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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BCH has the brilliant start and it will progress day and night. The contract trading is the method of trading that aims to gain profit from market volatility. This method allows the user to forecast if the price of an asset will go up or down, involving leverage.

The traders are not buying or selling the asset, only speculating the price and forecasting if the value will go up or down. Contract trading can bring profit quicker than holding assets but the risk involved with this type of trading is higher. Bityard has two different types of Contract Trading: Cryptocurrencies and Derivatives.

The Contract trading is different from spot trading. The trading instrument called contract allows the investor to trade on the price movement of the cryptocurrency, at a future date or and at the desired price. It involves leverage and therefore the traders are not buying or selling the asset, only speculating on the price movement. With a trading fee set at 0.05%, Bityard has trading fees lower than the industry’s average.

In the below scenario, I am forecasting that the Bitcoin price will go up. Selecting “Long” will open the contract, at the current value of $479.51 upwards. The BCH price had 30 minutes of growth, which started near $450, and most likely will continue to gain value.

For this contract I set the leverage at 20x, 50 USDT to buy the contract. Once confirmed, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) contract will appear in the bottom of the dashboard, under the “Positions” tab. The contract details will include the name of the cryptocurrency, the leverage, the chosen margin, opening price and opening time.

Contract trading involves risk, as the price can move either way. The contract will close automatically if the price will raise or drop at the set value, or it can be closed by the user at any time. Closing the contract manually is a method that can bring profit when the value is close to the set value and the price stops moving. Closing the contract will bring a smaller profit but will reduce time wasting and stress due to volatility.

If work together for the spreading of BCH love and work day and night for the promotion of BCH, one day we all see that bch will be on the top of all currencies and it will touches the sky soon

Although we are from different countries but we should work together for the promotion of BCH 💓

Love @BCH

Promote @BCH



























Happy reading 😊

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1 year ago
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