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Unlimited Freedom

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1 year ago

Unlimited free rules

The promise made suppresses the expression to die

The promise only eliminates the slightest disappointment

Then it gave birth to millions of wounds

Free is limited to power

Promotes animal lust

Oppress, blackmail, force submit

Humanity is only a promise without any action

Solutions are made stale

Aspirations were voiced but everyone suddenly became deaf

I don't know which one is driving

The soul is the transportation to uphold true justice

More and more freedom is being taken away

Even personal life tries to interfere

Customs that are unable to represent

Humanity that has been upheld so far

Should humanity be paid for with human life

If you have this, you will be reluctant to breathe

In a place that is labeled free of expression

In fact we were threatened

Forced to be afraid for no satisfactory reason

Freedom is only a dream

For the little people who were formed to become coolies

For newcomers who never run out of material

To buy everything he wills

It's finished words to say independence

Everything remains an illusion that can only be built at home

It's over my words to shout out loud in front of injustice

Wealth is only for guests who bring a lot of money

Then multiplied it in a country so rich

Poverty has always been a characteristic feature of the people in this country

Those who struggle to make a scent but their lives are always in misery every day

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I wonder about which country you are writing.

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1 year ago