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"Gods Unchained"

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1 month ago


have good days guys. I hope you'll be safe. in the previous article, I showed you some games based on blockchain. Have you enjoyed it? I hope so. :)

For today, I want to have a look at "Gods Unchained"

Gods Unchained:

Note: (I didn't play it myself yet)

First of all, this game is Run on Pc. you can download it here. (in the main page, click on the play now)

Gods Unchained team goals are:

Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained gives you complete ownership over your in-game items. Collect rare items, build the perfect deck or sell cards for real money.

Get Started:

for starts game, you must choose a god and deck of cards...

but before that you must link your metamask to the game:

More tutorial Here.

after that, you can go to the Market and buy cards.

you can track your collection Here.

How to Play


in the blog, you can see the latest updates, more information, tips, and futures in the game!


and joins them on Reddit:

Join the Team:

and in the end, if you are a developer by any chance or know someone fits this job you can use this link as well :)

I hope you enjoyed it as well. founded a good and new Game. stay safe.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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Looks like a truely epic game. Cool graphics and images and fun game play! :) I think its one of the best games in the world!

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1 month ago

I believe that the game industry will be one of the biggest influencers and transformers in the cryptocurrency industry! The gaming industry has the highest revenue compared to the film and music industry. Have Fun!

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1 month ago

I heard the name of the games from my friends. I guess it's like Splinterlands but there are some dynamics differ from Splinterlands. However, I'm in love with the mindset behind. These games remind me YuGi-Oh! :))

By the way, your posts will be auto-approved in the community. I'm glad that you are adding value to our lovely little community. Thanks a lot.

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1 month ago

well, I want to try it later if I get enough time! :) I know Yugi-oh Thank you very much!

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1 month ago