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Evaluation: A key to greatness

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8 months ago

I still remember in my college days, when we are told by our teacher, to evaluate a given Mathematical problem, it was always a tough one for me, but with time I learnt the skills of evaluation. And I had to apply it even in my day to day activities.Am an athlete, I run for my school, not as fast as Usain Bolt but fast enough to win medals .

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They was a competition organized by Nestle, which got me depressed, though I trained hard for the competition but I didn't win the gold medal.I was forced to evaluate my training activities, it yielded positive result and in the next competition I won 4 Gold medals.

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation in a Lehman's unddrstanding, is the act of accessing, readjusting set out plans to achieve the desired result.

The famous John Wooden once said "Without proper evaluation, failure is inevitable" .

Evaluating one's decision is a sure way of avoiding a repetition of the same mistaken.It's a process of weighing decisions, finding the appropriate steps to take in every situation.

Points to consider

They are certain factors we need to consider when evaluating life challenges;

1) Positivity : Being positive that your new plans will work is key to achieving a good result. You don't just wake up to make decisions without having this belief that it will turn out right.

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During my training days, I was to race with stronger athletes who were more experience that myself, I was scared but was careful not to be Allow fear overshadow me.Day of the competition , I won because I was positive.

2) Weigh your decisions : This is very important , before a decision is valid, it must pass through series level of assessment, you don't wake up to make decisions out of the blue, What if, I jog to work everyday, will it boast my skills?, what if I stop taking sugary food will it help reduce my weight, what if I study, 8 hours per day, will it increase my performance in school.

3) Have a wide range of plans ; This is the first step to being prepared for anything, always have a plan B. Knowing well that life can be funny at times, the set goals might not come out right, what other plans do I have to make it work. Thats the beauty of having a wide range of plans. I still remember when I wanted opening a Grocery store in my locality, it was a tough decision to make as they were more grocery stores than they were people.

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I quickly changed my mind, when I discovered they were no eateries around and today, we are making more profit from it than if I had open a grocery store . Always have a wide range of plans to choose from.

4) Compare and Contrast; This has been a tool have used for over a while now, I tend to compare my past sales with the present one. I could remember in beginning of the month of March I made quiet low sales than the month of February, I wasn't productive enough, I had to compare my activities in the two months and found out, I had went to the broadcasting station to advertise my business, that was the leap I had in February. I had to employ it again and the sales were becoming average. What am I trying to tell you, you need to change your performance if you are expecting a better result.

5) Have a score sheet; A score sheet is what will determine, where the necessary changes has to be made, I had a score sheet for every activities I did, and it helped me excel, you don't just wake up to make decisions, you need to have a data of all your activities. This has help me a lot.

Dear readers, I hope this will help you in making more concise decisions in future, see you at the top.

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Written by   147
8 months ago
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All you said are true. I have been practicing them but I just got the blow now in this post

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