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Let your children enjoy their childhood

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1 year ago
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Your child will never be young forever. Let them explore their life and give them freedom to have fun as long as they can. It is not about giving them expensive materials but it's about giving them a place where they can laugh and able to play.

Just like in the photo, I let my children play with their playmates. Doing physical activities with their friends is better than sitting all day, playing games on their gadgets and watching TV. You can take your children to a park or simply like this. I take them to the sea side and play something they enjoy.

Why is it important to let your child enjoy their life ? Because allowing these things to them will help them grow and will give them a memorable childhood. It will also help them to boost their confidence and will develop their socialization.

Remember, your child will become adult someday and you know that adulthood is stressful. Do not pressure them to become mature. So for now, allow them to be young and enjoy playing with their friends

Thank you for reading my article!

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