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Baby’s special Day

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1 month ago

Today November 25th is my niece birthday, and I have read some posts here last day about birthday’s that why I wrote mine too.Early this morning at 4’o clock in the morning we wake up early to harana (serenade),our baby girl,she’s a daughter of our younger brother.Actually,the youngest will receive the most special treatment,is that true to you?Well,it’s true to our family,and being a middle child or an Ate I already accept that fact of our life,hehe.Thats why in today’s birthday of my brother’s daughter was very special.And I think she deserve it since she’s the only baby of our family now, the other nieces’s have grown up already.

My niece Shananie

Look at her,is she cute and beautiful?She looks like my brother and my cousins called her,”Tonyang”,isn’t that a funny name because they said that she looks like my grandmother who passed away lately.I’m just so happy that she really look at the camera when I take a photo of her,but Tita doesn’t have photo here,hehe because I’m not in a good poise today,✌️ we’ve been very busy preparing everything.

Designed by her Mom

Her mother slept late last night creating this decoration for her daughter,she’s just a very young Mom,a millennial one.Thats why she did all of this things,she can still endure sleeping so late.

Did you know?

Just a little trivia,her mother have prepared for her daughter’sbirthday from October 1,and now she can end her preparations from clothes,foods,designed,giveaways and invitations.

Her cakes sponsored by fiends and relatives

Obviously her Mom likes color pink, with all of the colors that she put in her designs and cakes, really emphasizes pink.Becuase her baby is a girl and this color is the most common theme for girls.Her one year birthday has a lot of gifts especially the cakes,and they don’t display all of it becuase there’s no enough space already.

Party unicorn hut

When there’s a cake ,it’s really a birthday?Its a yes and no for me.With or without cake it’s still a birthday ,but I think a person like me feel so special when there’s a cake to blow especially when there’s a name on it,can make someone delighted.


This is “pabitin”,for those who did not know yet,it’s a way of giving our kids happiness after eating their foods they have a time jump for food,with all the foods hanging on a bamboo stick.Unfortunately,not just the kids we’re very happy with this but even the young and adults too have grab their junk foods ,haha and also,Me.

These kids are my neighbors

They were very noisy while jumping on that candies and toys,kids really have a simple reasons to be happy.They were enjoying this much,and we were noisy too,yelling at them to grab it.

Videoke machine

And lastly,at the moment they we’re very noisy here,this is there were of finishing their party through singing their favorite songs through a videoke machine.It all for free ,it’s owned by my brother and there’s no need to put on 5 peso coin.

I want to lie down first but my ears still can’t relax this time,maybe they will stop later when the curfew hour will come.

This day was very tiring for me guys with all the cleaning stuff and washing plates is good enough to have relaxation time,I will go somewhere just to have calmness and peace on my mind,hehe.

Its been three that I didn’t publish here,so busy lately and my body were good at sleeping time.

This is all I’m gonna share with you guys.

Thanks for dropping here,anyway ,I only have two sponsors left here,thanks for that @BreadChamp and @OfficialGamboaLikeUs

and to you.


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Written by   98
1 month ago
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Happy birthday to her, long life and prosperity are sure for her.

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1 month ago

Thank you for that wishes for my niece.

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1 month ago

You are welcome

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1 month ago