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My crypto recovery: February update

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5 months ago

As February came to an end, it's time to see how much i have earned past month with gaming and blogging. I am doing this to see if, and how fast it's possible for me to regain my losses and eventually to build myself a wider crypto portfolio. Also i want make this as a log to look back on, and see where i stand by the end of this. Or to perhaps inspire other people who are thinking of building there portfolio and gains, but have not started yet because they are at the beginning of there blogging / crypto adventure. Well, as you can see further on in this post, that i am also at the very beginning of building something. 

So without further ado, let's see what i have been able to gain last month.

Regained losses

Mr T: 28144 Safemoon of the 90528 taken (approx. 31%)

Mr G: 30758 Safemoon of the 120778 taken (approx. 20%)

Because i am trying to build my portfolio in strength and higher monthly income, and of course the market dipping, i have bought some safemoon on 2 occasions. First i am going to re-buy my friends losses, and then my own. This month was done with Fiat money i put into crypto, and i hope that i have gained enough cryptoprofits to do the first re-buy in April by crypto gained by blogging, staking etc.


While i haven't posted that much on publish0x, i was more active on peakd. This month i hope to post some more on publish0x and gain some more traction.


The hive blockchain contains multiple sub-communities where you can post, but this also means that you can get different tokens as a reward on your posts besides hive tokens, i will only list the noteworthy, and the monthly total

- Followers gained: 5 (Total 11)

- 8.752 hive @ 0.9651 = $ 8.44

- 10.6563 hive backed dollar @ 0.9668 = $ 10.30

- 142.16 1up coin @ 0.03547 = $ 5.04

February Total : $ 30.29


As said above, i wasn't very active on publish0x, which can be seen by my income here. The only upside is, and i am real happy with this, is that i gained 11 followers, which is an increase of ~ 137%

February Total: $ 2.44

As you can see, with a total of $ 32.73 from blogging, it's a start, but not much more than that. I hope i can look back on this by the end of the year, and smile about it.


Currently i am staking 3 currencies which are Cake, SPS and TLM. Now i hear you think, TLM? But that's from Alien Worlds, the faucet clicker? Yes, you are correct, but since they have partnered with Binance they now have 'missions' were you can rent (read stake) spaceships which can go on this missions. These missions have a duration 1, 2 or 4 weeks, and you need to stake TLM for this amount of time. In return you will get a percentage in TLM and an NFT. What you can do with this NFT is not yet explained, so we will have to see what the future brings. Last month i have gained almost 10% TLM by staking.

February Total (Cake, SPS and TLM): $ 16.49


In gaming i have gained i little more than with staking, and i have made the most with Risingstar. This gained me a little over $8, which i reinvested into new cards. Also with Novarally, i was fortunate enough to win 4 nft's, of which 1 i sold for 18.2 wax. 

I've also started to play some android games from thndr, in which you can collect tickets which will be used for a daily raffle for which you can win certain amounts of satoshi. But because there gains where so little for the time played, i will not add them here.

- Wax 21.67 @ 0.31 = $ 6.80

- Starbits (Risingstar) 33000 @ 0.00025 = $ 8.25

- TLM 9.0729 @ 0.13 = $ 1.18

February Total: $ 16.23


As for the faucets, the gains from these where next to nothing. As far as i am concerned, these are really not worth your time. Why you ask? Well i am clicking on the ZEC faucet on from early December 2021, and until the time of this post i have got a staggering amount of 0.00750363 ZEC which is $0.87 with ZEC at $116.14 a pop. And this was the highest paying one. So i my opinion, these faucet things really aren't worth your time. 

But, you ask, is it possible to make any money out of it? The answer is yes (didn't expect that did you?) but only, and only if, you have a lot of referrals for which you also gain some currency, like ZEC in this case. And by a lot, i don't mean 10 or 20, but several 100's. As i don't have these amount of referrals signed up, i am going to stop putting time in these faucets, because the gains are really, really low.

February totals: ~ $ 0.13

Airdrops and misc.

I got lucky this month with an airdrop i participated in, namely the Flag Network token. There was an airdrop at the beginning of February of which each participant got 10.000 Flag, which was approx. $5 at the time of the drop. Now they are worth around $220. This was my biggest gain. 

And by using Presearch for my daily searches as an software developer i have gained 27.96 PRE tokens worth around $6.50.

All in all this section gained me the most for February, but i don't expect that this will happen again.

February Total: $ 222.06


With a total of $ 287.64 gained from passive income, and re-buying at least 20% of the loss, i don't think i did bad this month considering i am starting from next to nothing. So i'm really exited to see what the future brings. Also when i see other people posting their gains, which are way more than mine, i know goal i want to reach.



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5 months ago
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