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The Joke of a System Chapter 1

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2 years ago

Chapter 1

Do you ever feel that everything in life is a joke?

Yes everyone laughs with their hypocrite faces and you can't help but ask yourself "Why are you laughing at me!"

Yet you are aware that they don't give a care about you as it is human nature to laugh at others misery..

And that is my current situation right now..

"What the hell is a joke system.."


[You have 24 hrs to tell a joke and make 1 person laugh at it]

[Failure is the same as death]

[Note: Make system happy]

"Why is this happening to me.. The joke I know is only Knock knock who's there.."

Leo was struggling at a corner as he found himself in this unfamiliar world only to be forced into a mission that is impossible to accomplish.

He was in the middle of nowhere devoid of people in his surroundings. He was surrounded by tall buildings but weird enough he can’t feel some people inside it. These buildings felt abandoned.

He search for the nearest road as he appeared of the silence that creeps all over the place. He was like inside a horror movie where monsters are waiting to jump and eat him up.

How can he die when he already arrives in a new world to have a new life? While he easily gave up his past life this new life he needed to fight with all his might.

He was desperate as he went to the first person he encountered and suddenly talked to it. He never thought why a person was here as he was overwhelmed by his excitement of seeing the first person of this new world. It was a middle aged man wearing a casual suit. He was a tall person with a good build. One can look at him as  a typical Military man.

"Hey man can I tell you a joke?" (Leo)

"Who are you..? are you crazy..?"

Of Course the man was startled as suddenly someone appeared in front of you and asked you something weird.

“Please just hear me out here.. knock knock..” (Leo)

“Knock.. knock..?? What…?”

Sadly it seems the knock knock joke does not exist in this world. 

This dude must be crazy. The man can’t help but look at Leo.

This was a young teenager around 15yrs old. yet upon closure look on his face you can see anxiety and terror from it. Was this boy being abused or something.

“Kid where are your parents.. should I bring you to the hospital..”

“No I need to tell a joke or I’ll die..”(Leo)

“Ok little Leo calm down.. My name is James..” (James)

Leo looks at James as he has a benevolent face of a gentleman. One can see the worried look on him as he looks at Leo with kindness.

“James.. Is your last name Bond..?”(Leo)


[20 hrs left before mission ends]


Maybe this kid has a loose screw in the head. The longer they talk the more serious James becomes as he has no idea what this kid Leo was trying to do.

“Nevermind..” (Leo)

Leo realized that this man was starting to get serious so he needed to look for the next target.

He can’t give up with the knock knock joke. He was not aware that such a joke does not exist in this world. But before he could go further a sudden alert was heard all over the place.

[Warning Dimensional Gate is Opening]

[Level 5 monsters are coming]

“Oh No.. Kid we need to escape..’ (James)

James suddenly took something from his pocket. It looks like a smart phone but after James uses it Leo can’t help but be stunned as James suddenly transforms.

“System Activate Mask Warrior Brave engage..” (James)

What a cool appearance it looks like one of those japanese fictional superheroes back on Leo’s old world.

“Kid use your system and transform.. Hurry..” (James)

“But I don’t know how..” (Leo)

“What are you with a disable system..”(James)

James was startled to learn that the kid in front of him was a cripple or people with a disable system. People who have no system or can’t activate their system are technically useless. James was helpless but he can’t abandon this kid now.

“Ok get ready for the space impact after the gate is open.. Let’s hope we can survive this..”(James)

Before James can finish talking, a huge door appears in the sky. As it opens the people near it can hear various screams of monsters.

“Let’s hope there's no boss inside it.. If it’s just mobs we can escape..” (James)

“What the hell is that..” (Leo)

Leo has his gaze fixed on staring at the abnormal door above the sky. Doraemon is that you..?

A huge aura came as the door above opened. The force made one's body heavy and Leo felt that a huge elephant just step all over his body as he instantly lay flat on the ground.

“Hang on there kid..” (James)

James looked alright as he carried Leo and started to run away from the place. Leo can’t move his body as he feels the pain all overwhelm him. But his eyes were wide open as he saw a group of people who had the same appearance and were similar to James.

“Good that the Police responded fast..” (James)

Yet James was careless as a sudden ray of light came from the gate and went into his direction. It hits them and causes a huge explosion that throws James and Leo.

“This world is ours.. Human food smells tasty..” (Monster)

“Just my luck, boss level monsters..” (James)

Why did James think it was a boss? Because mob monsters have no intellect and can’t talk.

James was helpless as he looked at Leo who lay not far from him not moving.

“Human food is tasty.. My name is Kamatsili..” (Kamatsili)

“Hey monster can hear and have a bite..”(James)

James wanted to lure the monster away as he tried to catch it’s attention but s sudden voice made him depress.

“Knock knock..” (Leo)

“Who’s there..” (Kamatsili)

“Leo..” (Leo)

“Leo who..?” (Kamatsili)

“It’s Leo and Me and all other people..” (Leo)

Leo started singing..

“..” (Kamatsili)

“...” (James)

“Ha ha ha ha what a funny human… I’ll eat you first..” (Kamatsili)

“Hey monster come here you sick beast..” (James)

James has no idea why Leo did that but he was already aware that the kid has some screw loose on his head. He is forced to attack the monster hoping that it will abandon Leo as it’s target. But it was useless as this was a boss type monster and his system was weak just a common mask warrior that enhanced his physical ability and was ranked E on the system ranking.

He looked at the monster slowly approaching Leo who was still singing and suddenly laughed like a madman.


[1st joke achieve rate E]

[Player please stop saying such lame joke]

[System Now online]

[Boss type Monster discover]

[One time Plot armor activated]

The boss monster Kamatsili suddenly froze as he felt a dangerous presence from the weak human boy in front of him. Only he could feel such a presence and all the alarm on his body was telling him to run away. His monster instinct told him to escape. And so he ran but it was too late. The monster named Kamatsili disappeared without knowing why. The last thing in his mind and a question that he will never know the answer was. Why did the kid start singing..?

[KABOOOM..!!] (Explosion SFX)

[Boss Monster Killed obtain experience 100000]

[Level up 1 -> 20]

[The one time use plot armor was used from the noob gift pack]

[Obtain rare items please check your inventory]

Leo was very happy as his system was now fully operational as his body was suddenly covered by a weird dark blue armor. Yet his armor looks very unique. Far different from James' transformation.

James saw everything that happened as he was puzzled why the boss suddenly exploded and died. And the crazy kid he picked up suddenly started to glow and transformed.

“I thought he was a disable person… was I wrong..” (James)

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2 years ago
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These is funny mate. 😂 Where did you get this idea?

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2 years ago

reading endless Chinese translated novel hahaha

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2 years ago