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1 year ago

Hello everyone if your reading this then you are likely one of my potential referrals..

(That I some how trick.. Cough* cough* convince you to click that link..)

I am just a random net citizen just exploring the internet randomly and as I have no definite interest what so ever I am just doing thing as it is.

As my native language isn't English it would be sometimes awkward as I might mistaken written something or write something that can be misunderstood so do forgive me and simply live a comment if I did made one.

Now I wanna write something for myself and for the people who I might drag at this site (as a referral)..

So for starter if your thrown into an unfamiliar website always look for "About" or "Faqs" or something similar to that..

What if they don't have it? Then that website is likely a scam so run away from it..

Luckily has something similar and generally all the question you want to ask about it was already written in there.. (Click the link below for details)

Things that you don't understand you can always google it like me..

Now the important question is "What should I do here?"

Here are some suggestions and idea's that might help..

  • Start writing do a freestyle.. It can be a simple Introduction or just saying hi to the community.. (Haven't done that yet)

  • You can write a review of a certain website..

  • Start blogging! Any topic will do as long as you don't copy from someone else..

  • Have a discussion of certain news or websites..

  • Review your favorite game.. Even a classic one might be a good topic who knows..

  • Make an introduction of (like what I am doing now)

  • and many more..

Is that all of it?

  • If you have run out of idea of what to write then why not explore the search engine.. (its beside the little bell icon very hard to miss)

  • You can also click the topics above the website.. (I said above don't look below..!)

  • Read through thousands of daily article..

  • Shout out your own opinion and be notice at the comment section.. (just remember to be polite and be civilize and strictly follow the rules!)

  • Someone might rewards you for giving a decent comments.. (I experience this first hand..)

  • Read some important news! (BCH news is what matters here..!)

  • Learn since it well never be to late to know more about the Crypto world..

I'm here to make money! How much can I earn?

Honestly I have no idea.. (People have different ways of earning here..)

So far it can be as little as a single dollar or as big as a thousands of dollars..

I got a single dollar from commenting a mistakes! (How nice was the author)

Are you confident on your writing skills? (Sadly I'm not)

Then try it out and show them that you have what it takes to be notice..!

You can do this as a part time experience..

Important thing to remember!

You need to be familiar with a certain guy here..!

Your future here basically revolves around this guy.. So do what he love to do and he might befriend you..

Annoy him and you can just find another site..

I got some money here what can I do to withdraw it?

Their are already plenty of guides here on on how to withdraw or get your money out of here..

So I won't tackle that topic and well just drop a link below..

This guide is aimed at Filipino users but none Filipino's can also get some information from it..

I'm lost and feel empty..

That's a normal reaction as I want to share my experience when I tried this..

Honestly I'm not a new user as I registered 6 months ago..

I wrote two topic but easily got disappointed and drop it after having no results..

At that time I was not aware that the Crypto world would explode at 2021..

So why am I back here again? The deciding factor would be

From I remember this and seeing that they are somehow related I thought "Hey why not try this out.."

And after writing another topic (after 6 months)

I got a decent tip and it encourage me to write something..

I seriously have no idea of what to write so I started doing reviews on certain website like faucets and ptc's..

Like this one below..

Although I have yet to write more about it I will be focusing around that area.. (not sure..)

I also advertise the topic from ( I wonder if that's allowed but it wasn't written in the rules)

And hey I'm also a not so good fantasy writer (It was that two topic that I first wrote 6 months ago)

So I might be writing some random stories or web novels here and see If I can attract some readers..

I'm hook and registered.. (Yet you didn't write anything!)

Yes I'm talking to you people who are at my affiliates list!

Write something after you register!

At least introduce yourself! Write a little about your Life story..

Who knows everyone has their own quirk and your story might get you some decent tips from a person who have the same experience (but more richer than you are..)

Its have been a week since I started writing back here.. (since 6 months ago..)

I hope to learn and know more and so do you!

Maybe I should write my own life story..( I did suggest them...)

But it's embarrassing.. (have some courage!)

Maybe later..

So let's leave it at that..

A final message to my dear referrals

"Please do write somethings after registering!"

And Remember..

A story can always starts with the first sentence written as "Once upon a time.."

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1 year ago
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Hi I'm Alfredo Mercado Pandaan living at central visayas I'm a newbie here this is my first time I don't know what to do but I should try to do this maybe it can help me this pandemic situation.

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1 year ago

you can start by introducing yourself to the community there is a section here where newbie gather..

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1 year ago

One of the best article💟👌🏻👌🏻

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1 year ago


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