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The Musk Messiah Complex: A Look at Elon's Leftist Gaslighting

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2 months ago

'Saving Humanity' One Tweet at a Time

Elon Musk has been selling himself to society as of late as a pro-free speech warrior for human rights, noting "I love humanity so much," and that he wants to use Twitter to "try to help humanity, whom I love." He has identified his recently-acquired social media platform Twitter as a "digital town square."

Way back in April, Musk proclaimed:

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

More recently, Musk Tweeted that "Twitter is where the opinion leaders are" — whatever that means. Does it mean the people who tell other people what to think are on Twitter? Or that the folks with the "best" opinions are there? Or both? But I digress.

This noise about free speech sounded well and good to many liberty-loving folks — great even — considering the "woke" mob that had been running the show prior, censoring posts and deleting accounts left and right for wild, arbitrary reasons, calling everything under the sun "problematic," "misinformation," or "hate speech." This not to mention mainstream media, corporate, and state interests exerting massive influence on — and direct censorship of — content posted. Especially after the Covid-19 psyop kicked off.

But is Musk really any better? Truth be told, it looks like he's actually on the same team — and will likely be far worse. It's all part of a big distraction to keep you pacified and inactive. But more on that later.

From Free Speech to Pearl Clutching: 'Max Debooster' Musk

Judging by his words alone (albeit cherry-picked words), one might think Musk actually did care about freedom of expression. Upon taking the helm of the bastion of twits, however, his tune would immediately change.

As fast as Trump went from "Lock her up" to "I was very honored, very very honored ... Hillary Clinton was coming today," Musk went from "the bird is freed" to I will "max deboost" your negative/hate post if I disagree with it. Huh. Sounds an awful lot like the crybabies on the so-called left, if you ask me.

When multiple commenters followed up, asking the Tesla CEO what the metric for defining "Negative/hate" was, Musk didn't provide an answer.

Sure, accounts were reinstated. Donald Trump's being the most notable. But even in that case, although a "content moderation council" had been promised by Musk to make the decision, he instead acted unilaterally, blaming activist groups for the sudden change in approach.

That's fine. It's his platform, after all. But what we're doing now is noting inconsistencies. And as far as one man's whims being a method for fostering an atmosphere of free speech, and lively debate with fair rules for all on a social media platform, it fails the test miserably. But hey, so does Musk's beloved "Democracy" (mob rule) as a system of governance.

Suffer Little Children — Musk Quotes Jesus, Leverages Child's Death for an Internet Argument

If you've ever dealt with real sociopaths, or a real narcissist, you're already tracking what I am saying here. The way they get you to do what they want is by blasting you with all kinds of conflicting messages, until you're so confused, you just go along wherever they lead. They will always reassure you they're on your side, along the way, in spite of the mixed messages. This is the standard MO of politicians, by the way. And abusive spouses. It's also commonly known as gaslighting.

The key to getting out of relationships with such vampiric and manipulative individuals is to step back, and put what they say and do under the cold, dispassionate microscope of objective observation.

So let's look at Elon in the case of free speech and Twitter:

WORDS: Says he is a "free speech absolutist" (see directly above) and that "free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy." Musk made sure to note that Twitter is where "matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

ACTION: Refuses to reinstate the account of Alex Jones (see 2nd image up), who used speech only to question and debate the official, government-approved story of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting.

Musk justified his centralized, one-man decision not to reinstate Jones' banned account, saying: "I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics, or fame," while ironically relaying a tragic story about his deceased child to drive his point home. I am very sorry about his child and Musk's loss, either way — I can't imagine the pain — but this to me is a huge red flag.

At the same time, literal child-killer and child-molester politicians who order raids and drone strikes that kill even American children, and countless families and innocent people overseas, are allowed on Musk's platform, and he knows they are there. What's more, the thread where this exchange occurred was under a post by well known atheist speaker Sam Harris, who not so long ago said in an interview: "At that point Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared."

So Musk is either highly ignorant here, or a complete phony. Commenters on the thread pointed these things out to Musk, but there was no reply.

It's also interesting to note he felt the need to compare himself to the Christ figure in the Christian Bible. This, combined with all the talk of 'saving humanity,' makes perfect sense for a narcissist.

Give Me the 'Left' Over Leon Skum Any Day

I mentioned in a recent video I posted to Odysee, that I would rather deal with the former Twitter woke mob management, than someone like Elon Musk (who I now sometimes refer to as "Leon Skum"). At least most of the brainwashed Democrats attack directly and stupidly. Musk seems to be more manipulative. Anyhow, for me it is a moot point as I've left that nasty platform.

Musk appears to me a "hero" created by the state, designed to foment arguments amongst individuals as a distraction, and also to quell the rising unrest inside of those on the verge of taking real world action: leaving centralized media sources and social media, extricating themselves from politics, becoming more self-sufficient and disobeying unjust laws — defending themselves with force.

Now that Elon's got their back, they can just relax, right? And be lulled back into the ultimately leftist system (statism) that hates them.

The following "hypocrisy list" will show that Musk is at best an idiot, and at worst nothing more than another filthy control freak, working for the evil powers that be, Democrat, Republican, and all things new world order, which are anything but pro-individual rights and freedom.

Musk at the 2022 Met Gala sporting his "Novus Ordo Seclorum" ("New World Order" or "New Order of the Ages") jacket. Whether a distraction or otherwise, it's highly unlikely a freedom "absolutist" would be caught dead at this event, or in such attire.

Musk Under the Microscope, Nothing Adds Up

Leon Skum is:

Conclusion: Musk Is Another Delusional "Messiah" Character to Distract You, and Lead You Further Into Slavery

While Musk — to great populist approval — criticizes government subsidies, taxation, censorship, centralized control of human lives, etc., he simultaneously stands for and attempts to enact all of these same things. People ignorantly cheer. None of this is to mention the animal abuse, bizarre Sci-Fi transhumanist fantasies, ties to the Technocracy movement, and basically just...suddenly appearing out of nowhere as a mega-rich media darling.

In a flowery interview piece on Musk published by TIME magazine in 2021, Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin is quoted saying of the business magnate: "He is a humanist—not in the sense of being a nice person, because he isn’t ... He wants eternal glory for doing great deeds..."

Musk's own brother has observed (quoted in the same interview): "He is a savant when it comes to business, but his gift is not empathy with people." And as Japan-based freedom activist James Corbett recently observed of Musk in his video "Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster," the so-called savant genius can't even make an impressive robot, and a lot of his company's products seem to have severe problems. (This, like Elon's calling himself the "Chief Twit" on Twitter, is likely intended as a mockery of those buying into the hype of the narrative, by the way. He's telling you the truth: "Those who follow me without question are twits and numbskulls, even clapping for unimpressive, garbage products.")

You see. It's not about you or humanity at all (see the H.L. Mencken picture at the top of this post) — it's about the Jesus-quoting, pedo-ignoring, kid-killer-accepting, big-gov-loving, Messiah Musk and his own glory in "saving humanity."

Those who have dealt with real-life narcs know exactly the type.

So, good luck with your social-credit-monitoring "X, the everything app." I'm sure it will set you free. To my hipshot thinking, this is what happens when an awkward, narcissistic, (and likely abused) silver-spoon brat is groomed into power by malevolent, mega-powerful interests and entities. It's not hard to see what will come out in the end: a megalomaniac dweeb on a power trip.

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Written by   157
2 months ago
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A bottom line if there ever was one:

"At the same time, literal child-killer and child-molester politicians who order raids and drone strikes that kill even American children, and countless families and innocent people overseas, are allowed on Musk's platform, and he knows they are there. "

He deplatforms people for what they say and write,
and embraces creatures for what they do to others.

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2 months ago

Yep. He sure does.

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2 months ago