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Get Ready, Monetary Lockdown Is Next -- Courageous Freedom of Association Is the Answer

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1 year ago

It is not a time for the faint of heart. Historically unprecedented global restrictions on movement, commerce, and freedom of association are unfolding before our eyes. If governments worldwide are this hellbent on telling people how to take care of their health -- OR ELSE -- it's only a matter of time before the crosshairs are firmly locked on the 'antivaxxers' of money : holders and spenders of BCH and other permissionless, decentralized cryptos.

You Are Not Special

For the BTC maximalists and other deluded denizens of crypto out there, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Once enough regulations are introduced, and enough too-big-to-fail, state-embedded mega corporations adopt cryptocurrencies, it will then be time to safely end the reserve banks of the world, and take the power back, as it were, from oppressive monetary regimes (after passing all necessary KYC gateways and submitting appropriate documentation, of course).

Once crypto assets these individuals hold are worth enough to safely rest on a fat pile of fiat for the rest of their lives, then they can begin fighting for financial freedom for the masses. A tough and heroic battle to be sure, waged from the shade of a seaside cabana, sipping frozen daiquiris and scrolling social media. Between sending mass emails for the latest MLM marketing scam and compulsively refreshing Coincap, these heroes of financial sovereignty will 'end the fed' in one fell swoop of their amassed fed-printed inflation paper itself. And they'll be posting pics on Facebook of that daiquiri, to inspire others to do the same.

At least, that was the dream.

A creepy little veiled threat/carrot on a stick from the psychos at The International WELL Building Institute

Vaccine Passports, the 'KYC' of the Medical Mafia

Now there is one more hurdle to reaching that beachside crypto revolution: in order to travel there, one must submit to invasive screening procedures. Possibly even the coerced penetration of one's body. With both vaccine passports and special 'wellness seals' designating clean businesses in the news these days, it's clear that to travel (which is already heavily restricted worldwide) you're going to need to surrender essential freedoms and individual rights. But that's okay, because it's all worth it to bring about hyper-bitcoinization.

If you're asking what a vaccine passport and travel restrictions have to do with money and bitcoin (beyond the obvious crushing blow travel restrictions have dealt to economies, businesses and trade worldwide), the answer is easy: without freedom of association there is no free monetary exchange.

If the state will lockdown your entire city at the drop of a hat, and enforce it violently, why in hell would they let you be free when it comes to what you support or choose not to support with your money? Criminalization of crypto is likely coming. It's already a crime to not give them an arbitrary percentage of your hard-earned cash, and this is called taxation. Governments are already restricting crypto with endless regulations and restrictions, and creating their own junk 'crypto' called central bank digital currencies.

Freedom of Association Under Attack

These remarkably naive attitudes have always pervaded the crypto space, but they seem to be growing more common as 'orange coin go up' recently. Everyone falls victim to such fantasies to some degree or another, but it remains incredibly stupid to think a growing global panopticon, which most big talkers already obey, is going to smile and let people change things, risk free.

If you're scanning your butthole for KYC, wearing a mask against your will, agreeing to close your business without a fight, and preparing for a coerced penetration to deliver experimental chemicals to your bloodstream, it's unlikely that when money is finally fully locked down, you'll actually take any resistive action at all.

Money is about freedom of association and disassociation, and if one cannot even understand these simple concepts when it comes to medicine and freedom of bodily movement itself, how could they ever hope to understand financial sovereignty?

Courage Is the Catalyst

The time to be free is now, and it could be something so small as buying a cake from your friend's bakery via barter or bitcoin cash, and neither of you feeling any need at all to tell some state goon about the transaction.

If each individual in the world began to practice small agoristic acts like these daily, it wouldn't be long before the world began to rapidly change for the better. As the powerful illustration goes: I cannot end world hunger alone, but I can feed the guy next to me a sandwich. A world full of this kind of individual would soon end world hunger.

Similarly, a world full of small agorist actions would soon lead to bigger dominoes in the graded series of oppression toppling, thanks to the virtually limitless action potential of one properly placed, small act.

There's only one ingredient required for freedom to happen via bitcoin or any such avenue of free association, and that is courage. Of course, there is always risk, but like any sensible economic decision, costs must be weighed against benefits.

Looking at the world now, having a stack of bitcoins commandeered by a violent, unstable, hyper-centralized, inflationary fiat system of dehumanizing abuse may not be worth the mindless obedience to authority it requires. It would seem the life left after such surrender isn't really worth living at all, right? So, while the internet is still on, and the power grid still up, maybe it's time to take bitcoin back.

There's really nothing left to lose at this point.

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Written by   151
1 year ago
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