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Thought Experiment: US Vitalist Party National Platform

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3 months ago

A vision for American restoration and ascendance into the 21st century and beyond.

Space Elevator

For humanity to continue into the future forever, the first step is spreading civilization into Outerspace. To do that, we need a reliable, safe, cost-effective way to transport people and objects into and out of orbit. A space elevator coupled with other innovative technologies is the best possible option. We will develop one to solidify America’s place as a global economic, technological, political, and military leader.

Abolish Universal Public Healthcare Mandates, Enact Universal Gym Membership

End costly and inefficient public healthcare mandates. Instead, give every man, woman, and child a free gym pass, and provide federal grants to build appropriate recreation facilities. This will lead to a strong, healthy, happy population with more mental clarity and overall liberty.

Social Eugenics and Renewed Support for Families

Economic incentives for healthy, fit people to have more children and raise them with care. This will ensure America has a healthy future and succeeds in the future competitive global environment.

Economic, Civic, Cultural Nationalism

Build a greater sense of economic, civic, and cultural unity to bridge ethnic, racial, and class divisions. Create a common bond between all Americans through cultural, educational, and civic programs. Protection of local economies. United yet diverse and rich in history, America will rise, bringing a better life for all citizens.

Ban Poisonous Pesticides

Agricultural chemicals such as atrazine and glyphosate have known side effects ranging from hormone disruption to cancer. We cannot sacrifice the quality of future generations for present economic expediency. Banning dangerous chemical agents from our food chain will unlock vital improvements for years to come.

Green Corridor

Preserve America’s wilderness as a national, cultural, spiritual, and natural asset. Create development-restricted ‘green corridors’ linking existing national forests and parks. These will allow for greater biodiversity, ecological resilience, and opportunities for individual adventure. Even animals and trees will be lucky to be American.

Fairness Doctrine for the Digital Age

Reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine and apply it widely to social media platforms. Require major broadcasters and media platforms to present opposing viewpoints on controversial topics. Outlaw algorithms which promote or restrict content on the networks of communication that millions of Americans rely on. End corporate and elite censorship of critical voices. A new 21st-century Fairness Doctrine will bring opposing sides closer together in dialogue and help end political and social division.

Reasserting America’s Leading Role in Maintaining World Peace

Renovate America’s military for the 21st century. Continue to develop a US Space Force. Modernize America’s military hardware and personnel for emergent threat vectors. Unite with regional allies to counter the power-plays of despotic and anti-democratic world actors. Utilize dialogue to foster a community of nations committed to a brighter future where liberty is preserved.

Classical Education for the Modern World

Realign education toward the goals of achievement, personal development, critical thinking, virtue, and national necessity. Make education practical and useful in terms of helping to shape a child into a valuable citizen. Reemphasize skills, civics, and experiential learning. Reintroduce the classics and historically relevant texts into the curriculum to pass along and affirm western and American cultural heritage. Strengthen our commitment and build higher standards for high-yield fields in science, engineering, and technology. Education will again serve to expand individual faculties, the vital spirit, and civic value.

Better Transportation

Grants for localities to develop new fixed alternative transportation infrastructure, including walkways and promenades, rural trails, bicycle lanes and paths, urban light rail, trolleys, maglev high-speed trains, and vacuum tunnels. Utilize space and transportation to strengthen and connect, not separate local communities.

End the Immigration Flood

The world looks to America as the best. To maintain this position, we must only accept the best as residents and new citizens. Thus, we will introduce higher requirements and standards for immigration into the United States while limiting the number of refugees. Stopping the flood of immigrants will allow us to focus on achieving our own social and technological national goals while creating additional pressure on various foreign governments to enact reforms in support of their people’s livelihoods and freedoms.

Reorganize Police

The one-size-fits-all approach to policing in the United States doesn’t work. Reform the police and create separate divisions specializing in tasks of various risk levels and best intervention practices. Police reform will ease social strife and distrust between the people and the government.

VAT, Digital Currency, and UBI (Eliminate the IRS and accounting overhead)

The increasing pace of technological innovation creates opportunities and problems. It allows for rapidly expanded production of goods and services, yet requires a smaller and smaller workforce. Without a mechanism to correct this trend, a significant proportion of the population may be locked out of progress, perpetuating serve societal problems and weakening national resolve. One method to correct this is a VAT and UBI. A VAT collects a small flat tax at each point of sale or transaction. This alone would redirect much of the tax burden from workers and end consumers and onto the largest tax-dodging enterprises. With a national digital currency, a flat transaction fee could serve as the VAT. If all other forms of taxes were abolition, this would eliminate the need for yearly tax filings, render the IRS and various bureaucracies obsolete, and vastly simplify accounting for small and large businesses alike. Finally, piloting a universal basic income program will allow us to test a mechanism for ensuring all Americans have access to a minimum level of opportunities and resources. Thus, we will have a more efficient, robust, and fair economy.

Ban Single-Use Plastic

America must lead the way in terms of rediscovering our sense of stewardship and care for the natural world. The easiest and best first step is a complete ban on single-use plastics. Animal friends in the ocean or wilderness will no longer be harmed by plastic thrown out by Americans. Along with a cleaner environment, this will lead to greater individual and community health while demonstrating global leadership in protecting our one and only home planet.

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Written by   9
3 months ago
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