BCH POPULARITY : A Bridge Or A Fence.

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January 6th 2022. From VictoriousLekuu. 

BCH : Bitcoin cash is basically gaining popularity and acceptance and is spread wide into different parts of the World and we must not deceive ourselves that it is going be in most parts of African Villages and beyond before the turn of a decade. Credits must be given to the INITIATOR - IN CHEF...MARC DE MESEL for his ground breaking achievement. May Almighty God continue to be his guide. I must not but be grateful to those on this Platform who had worked relentlessly to ensure that education is passed round to many people around the World through social media. I salute you greatly and profusely and beyond measure . You light shall continue to shine in many ways than one.

Literal Difference Between Bridge And Fence.......

.Bridge by every calculation in a literal World is a connector , a link , an instrument to facilitate an event ,, a construction to protect the flow of a massive liquid such as river. One can still see it as a structure that is built over a railway , road river so that it would facilitate crossing of people or vehicles from one side to the other. A fence therefore can be seen literally as a prevention , a stopper , a facility that prevent the movement of a thing from getting connected together. One can still see it as a structure made of blocks or wood or wire , at times supported by posts to prevent migration on both sides of a divide. This could be seen as a limiting factor that discourages, impedes the progress of certain specie within an ecosystem.

Bitcoin cash Bridge ... And Bitcoin cash Fence.

Having known the meaning of these two words , one can go forward to deduce that the former ( Bitcoin cash Bridge ) is an advantage while the latter ( Bitcoin cash Fence ) is disadvantage. A Bitcoin cash bridge is a personality that facilitate the spread of the gospel truth about it . It is spreading like a wild fire in the dry season. There is no disputing the fact that the usage of Bitcoin cash is going to reach every country of the world based on the rich influence of this platform. Read. Cash. Without mincing words this platform is a bridge that had played very role in the education of millions of People world wide, As a writer on this platform , I become aware of the Bitcoin cash on this platform when I became a member. Since then the Bitcoin cash as been part and parcel of my very self. Thanks greatly to the initiator of this rich platform.. Bitcoin cash is a phenomenon that is worthwhile and which should be given a pride of place in every aspect of our life.. It is a unifier. One cannot deny the fact that its fever is catching everyone in different communities , Youths in my community had joined the bandwagon and its effect is reverberating in different aspects of our entire life, Poverty is struck in its inner caucus because many can now boast of having certain percentage of Bitcoin cash in their Bitcoin wallets which can be exchanged to local currency , hence purchase what they need or be invested in SmartBch or in Binance or be swap into other Crypto currency.

............ Bitcoin cash Fence.. A Disincentive to Growth And Spread Of Bitcoin cash.

A Bitcoin cash Fence is an attitude put forward in a negative way to discourage the use of Bitcoin cash in our daily life. The attitude of some African Leaders to the rise of Crypto currency generally cannot be said to be positive. It is on negative side. Imagine an Economics expert with self acclaimed many years of experience in Finance and Business World speaking negatively about crypto currency is definitely outdated and backward. If you are ignorant of something with little or no information , you are expected to exercise restraint before speaking ills of what you don't know. The funniest aspect of this thing is that we they leave their so called utopian height where they see themselves as all in all , they would start begging to be forgiving at all cost. This type of attitude is a disincentive to growth and spread of Bitcoin cash.

Fence - Mending Attitude...A Positive Development.

Another election is coming up in Nigeria for instance in 2023 where New leaders would be elected in to the center government. One need to be prayerful so that Leaders with IQ and great knowledge in financial world shall be put in position of authorities , Let me reiterate that everyone should put on right attitude to crypto currency usage so that everyone would benefit in no small measure. far and wide

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Bitcoin cash is the best one. I love BCH. I believe Bitcoin cash go to the moon soon. I love your writing.

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Extremely nice thoughts sir, I agree with bitcoin cash will be the bridge to conquer our goal.

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You can still do more, Bitcoin cash is gaining acceptance . I believe that

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