You Can Still Say No

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3 years ago

Saying No isn’t such a big drama

You can say no when you feel you can’t agree to something, it’s not like it’s imposed on you, you still have your will and so you can decide. Many people are forced to make decisions because someone asked them to and they can’t say no, they forget that they can still refuse any request or offer made to them by a simple answer, NO.

We all have this power within us but oftentimes fail to realise that it is still there. Yes, you have the power to say no. This doesn’t apply to you saying no to people but it involves saying no to what life or circumstances of life may bring your way you can decide to allow them into your life or not.

You realizing this fact will help you reduce how much you blame people or blame life for the unpleasant circumstances that you may go through because you would take responsibility for what happens in your life and live with the sense of obligation, the mindset that makes you aware that you are obliged to decide what would and would not happen your life.

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