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Tunnel of insight

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A tunnel is a passage to a destination and in the same vein, insight is a passage to destiny.

Insight is the property of intelligence that gives one the ability to walk in deeper understanding and perspective about any subject matter in life. This is how I define insight!

Insight is the brain child of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is what gives you the ability to critically and accurately discern the matters of life. It is what you need to put you over in life.

Insight in itself is deep and beyond the surface but the topic says, *Tunnels of Insight* and this means that we are therefore talking about Deep Deep Insight (Insight deeper than insight and insight beyond insight).

We are talking about insight beyond strategic human intelligence. We are talking about insight beyond mental perception.

We are talking about the greatest insight of all sourced from spirit intelligence. We are talking about The Holy Ghost' Insight and I love to call it Insight by Fire.

Without a doubt, the human mind can to a large extent apprehend and appreciate the value of insight. We see that in the world today, its people and the amazing innovations created by humans but even at such level, it is infinitesimal compared to the insight we are talking about tonight.

If only with human mental capacity, amazing things can be brought into reality; imagine what your life and your world will look like with Insight greater than mental and physical perspective.

This is the insight you need for the unusual and inexplicable success of your family, business, career and whatsoever.

You may not necessarily have fully equipped your mind with mental artilleries like Bill Gates and the rest do but with Insight from above, you can walk in success beyond human comprehension. Nonetheless, we are expected to equip our minds anyway but there is something higher than physical equipment and that higher frequency should indeed rule our mind.

This insight does not function by human skill, intelligence and resources which are necessary and useful but it accords you seasons and times of preparation for effortless manifestation even if there is a dint of crudeness existing in your dealings. I call it grace that places you in a position where you prepare to succeed. The grace of God does not give license to laziness and unpreparedness even with insight. It gives you capacity to prepare in a way that can effortlessly produce results 10 times better than those who even labored physically much more than you.

But you must understand that life is more than the physical. We have seen and heard things that minds cannot conceive. We have handled tangible things beyond normal.

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Insight is the brain child of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is what gives you the ability to critically

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2 years ago

I would confess at first I was already getting lost, after reading the first three paragraph I began to imagine what the author was referring to, was it the insight we know about or was he going to reveal to us a magical insight or something. I was uncertain so I brought my thoughts back to the article and kept reading on until I encountered when you made mention of the Holy Ghost Insight, then it was all clear to me because I know there is no human insight that qualifies that description and raw elaboration of insight.

The Deep Deep insight is what we all as christains, not even just christains but as humans on this earth, we need that insight to help us look beyond the physical and into the spiritual. We need that insight to build our knowledge and understanding of everything around us. With the insight from the Holy Ghost we would see life in a whole new dimension.

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2 years ago