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The red ant | Fiction 2

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2 years ago

Continuation of the red ant, to Understand the story you can follow from the start The red ant | Fiction 1

Ants can speak! I can hear them! 

Was almost in tears because I was so scared, We thought you left us,” this tiny ant won’t stop and if it wasn’t for the multitudes of ants that surrounded me, I would have smashed it to the ground. “We traced your songs; the whistling.”

Whistling attracted creatures; My mother was right. Ones that wanted me as an ant queen.

I must be going mad. 

Everywhere became blurry and was falling to the ground, I jolted up with a start before reaching the ground.

“It’s a dream,” I whispered and viewed at the window.

The cloud was still a dark as sounds of crickets or the pointed rats racketing in the night.

Sighing, I was about sleeping on laying my head on the pillow, I felt a sharp pain on my elbow. Immediately, I knew my dream was real.

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