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Excuse me!

Most times when I write on messages that aren't spiritual or theological, I often begin with an intent to share knowledge of a principle I practice or a new principle I believe I should practice. Often at the end I am the one who learns the most.

I believe the subject of leverage is a series that can go on infinitely. Although I'm not in my usual talkative mood today, I thought I should expand a little further on the subject of leveraging on people.

I was at a seminar where Niyi Adesanya was a keynote speaker, he threw a question to the audience, he asked how many members of the audience fellowshipped at their current churches as a result of a newspaper add, a TV commercial or jingle on radio_ very few hands went up. He then asked how many people attended their current church because they were invited by a member of that church_ hands were all over the place.

A famous author once referred to religion as the biggest ponzy scheme ever_ join and bring others. While I don't personally agree with that notion, its impossible to argue with the power of referrals.

Niyi also shared a useful insight on leveraging on people power. He says you can either do business by trade by barter or by trade by bonding. The trade by barter system is one where you offer a product to a customer in exchange for financial rewards only; here you make no deliberate attempt at building a relationship with your clients.

The trade by bonding system on the hand is when you go the extra mile to offer additional value to your clients. Here you create brand loyalty. Imagine running a business where those who patronize you go the extra mile to get others to patronize you even without you requesting that they do so because of the extra value you offer.

John C maxwell says "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Remember what we defined leverage as; getting the most advantage of. in all your dealings with people make sure you think long term, even though sometimes seeking a win/win situation may not always be financially rewarding, at the end it always pays off.

Do have a very lovely day, thanks for reading, as always I'm committed to excellence and personal development.

Best wishes...

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2 years ago