How i defeated Covid 19

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I woke up on the 28th of February 2020 to the news that Nigeria had recorded its first instance of COVID-19. Before this time i heard it was already in China, but didn't believe it would get to Nigeria, My first impulse was to limit development all through my home quickly until we determined the subtleties of the record case. We immediately actualized all the security conventions: nobody could go into my home without washing their hands and utilizing hand sanitizers. We even confined visiting and having guests around my matured dad as we believed him to be high hazard. Constantly seven day stretch of March, as the quantity of COVID-19 cases kept on rising, my association chose to close our physical workplaces and start our Work from Home (WFH) strategy. Inside my restricted range of prominence, I was truly at the front line of imparting and instructing individuals about adhering to the required COVID-19 conventions. I had determined the chances and I was thinking "We are more than 200 million individuals in Nigeria. What are the chances that little me would get the ailment?" I thought I was playing it safe so I didn't feel that I would get it, not for a second. It was very unexpected, at that point, when I was informed that I had tried positive for the infection.

On the morning of Tuesday, 17 March 2020, a day after I began telecommuting, I saw that I had great intestinal sickness manifestations: a fever and body throbs, so I went to an emergency clinic in Victoria Island, Lagos, and got tried. It never occured to me that it could be COVID-19.

My last excursion outside the nation was longer than a month prior and I had indicated no manifestations upon my arrival. The test outcomes demonstrated I had a touch of jungle fever, and we rewarded the intestinal sickness for two days. I completed the medications, however the fever persevered. I got conceded, basically in light of the fact that I was got dried out, and I wasn't eating admirably now. They did all the tests; the stool tests, the blood tests, everything. The specialists were straightforward and said to me, "Your tests are fine, yet we don't have the foggiest idea why you despite everything have a temperature and the runs." They said they would do a subsequent level stool culture test to guarantee they were not missing anything.

After a day, on March 18, 2020, one of the doctors came to me and revealed to me he read the new World Health Organization (WHO) rule for COVID-19 and the runs had been included as one of the indications. He prompted that we consider a COVID-19 test. Obviously, I rebuked this from the outset. How can one go from intestinal sickness to COVID-19 of every a moment? I needed to hold up somewhat more. In the long run the fever persevered, and we needed to do the test. We connected with the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and, a couple of days after the fact, on March 23, 2020, the test came out. It was certain.

Actually, I didn't anticipate it, so I was stunned. I moved from stun, disavowal, tension, addressing and in the long run acknowledgment. I kept the data exceptionally near only my family unit, not on the grounds that I feared disgrace and Stigmatisation but since I knew individuals who might freeze. For the couple of individuals I had addressed as of now, I could hear the dread in their voices despite the fact that they attempted to support me. They were stressed and which is all well and good. With the photos and pictures we see from Europe and America, it's practically similar to it's a capital punishment. Contact following was done, everybody in the emergency clinic, my office, my home and each and every individual who interacted with me likewise experienced the procedure. The individuals who were displaying side effects were tried. I had a low transmission rate and I guess this was on the grounds that I went to the medical clinic early.

As soon as i tested positive, I was immediately moved directly from the medical clinic to the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.

I didn't know what's in store, and I was preparing myself for the most terrible moments . However, I was wonderfully amazed. We began in a tent, where we had 24-hour power, climate control systems, fans, cleaners who cleaned multiple times in a day, running water, and generally excellent food. In the long run we were moved to Ward B, a physical ward.

Toward the beginning of the day, the cleaners woke us up as they took care of their morning obligations. The attendants would come in directly after with our medications, named with our names. They would likewise test our temperature and circulatory strain. We would a short time later eat. A few of us who were up to it attempted to stay in shape during the period. We would stroll round the huge tent in the mornings. This routine was rehashed in the evenings and nighttimes. There were a scope of feelings at the inside; uneasiness, solidarity, good faith. There was likewise a great deal of spirituality — we had individuals who worked as inhabitant imams and ministers. There was additionally frustrations   at some point we shared arguments and input from our encounters, which I think in the end got to the Commissioner for Health and the Governor. We got disappointed with the postponement in correspondence of test outcomes. This I accept has fundamentally improved today.

governor of Lagos visited the isolation center, yaba

We fortified as a gathering and still have a gathering visit that is dynamic today. I am happy to state that each of the 16 of us are currently completely recouped. Our gathering had business people, understudies, government officials, and experts, and the different segment made for dynamic and extraordinary discussions. I accept our brotherhood was critical to our aggregate recuperation.

It was from a portion of those profitable discussions that we built up the plan to reveal some insight into what was happening in the confinement place. We needed individuals to realize that testing positive for COVID-19 wasn't a capital punishment and a death sentence. We were having something near an ordinary life in the disengagement community. We were not all on ventilators or life savers. We likewise needed to welcome the wellbeing laborers. We were dazzled to such an extent that we made the video valuing the specialists, medical caretakers, cleaners and all the care staff. It turned into a web sensation.

In spite of the a long way from impeccable conditions they never had sharp auras, they were benevolent, steady and expert. I would rate them 9.5 out of 10. We had their numbers on speed dial and they were accessible day in and day out to react to us. Treatment was customized, so it was not one size fits all. For example, individuals who had hidden conditions had a different treatment system. At the point when I was sick and was continually regurgitating, I was put on an uncommon eating regimen plan that included oats and custard. At the point when I was recuperating, I requested noodles and they rushed to get ready it even as I directed how I needed it cooked. They made a special effort to make us agreeable. It was stunning.

I will consistently search for each chance to state this; the wellbeing laborers are a gift to Lagos State and in fact Nigeria; they are the genuine warriors, the genuine saints. They are risking their wellbeing for us consistently, yielding also. Since when they are in danger, their families are in danger. The greater part of the wellbeing laborers in Yaba are remaining in close by facilities with the goal that they don't need to return home. In spite of the difficulties in their pay structure, they stayed well disposed, going past their honorable obligation to help. I realize the legislature is attempting to address this.

Harsh patches headed for recovery

I was at the IDH in Yaba for around 10 days. I lost a lot of weight cause I wasn't having appetite to eat, I realized that i was getting dried out and i was unable to supplant or recharge the liquids I was losing. I was hurling all that i was eating. As the food was coming in, it was going out. Sooner or later, i was hurling bile. This was certainly a major reason for uneasiness for me. I was a steady name with the specialists since I was continually deliberating with them. We discussed having a dietician sooner or later to perceive what liquids I could take and in the long run how we could stop the queasiness.

Once in a while we limit the reality of what individuals with COVID-19 face.

A few people in the room had upper respiratory issues, a few people were practically going into melancholy. Individuals were battling insane fevers, others had uncontrolled loose bowels. There were awful days and there were acceptable days. This is certainly not a typical influenza. This is something genuine. We as a whole realize that it is hazardous. You realize that on the off chance that it goes 'south', it rapidly turns into a last chance situation. Each and every day you wake up, you are trusting that your condition doesn't decay. This played quietly in everybody's psyche.

At last i tested negative to COVID-19 for the second time on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. I did another test on the second of April 2020 and got a third negative outcome, so I was released to return home that day. So far it has been for the most part celebratory messages from loved ones. At an ongoing gathering in the home where I live, to examine security in the midst of the at present heightening brutality in the state, I referenced transparently that I simply recouped from COVID-19 and urged everybody to pay attention to the ailment, to comprehend that transmission is simple and to follow wellbeing conventions. I didn't see any slander. Or maybe individuals met up, needed to recognize what I experienced, and how I defeated COVID-19. Many individuals were only upbeat for me. I don't have the foggiest idea whether they would give me access to their homes however i don't underestimate the fact that I must be cautious, and I disconnect myself as much as could reasonably be expected and limit human associations. The greater part of my relatives were tested and they were negative. I'm exacting about security methods:

Things to do not to contract the virus

wash your hands well, don't go anyplace that you don't need to go to, keep up social separating. I despite everything attempt to keep up a 10 feet good ways from individuals, always wear a face shield or a face mask, always wash your hands every 20 minutes.

I put forth a valiant effort to abstain from trading off circumstances, and I am doing that also for my family.

I tell individuals that I have tried antagonistic threefold, in the event that anything I ought to be the one frightened of individuals who don't have a clue about their status. I ought to be the one demonizing individuals and not the opposite way around. I am somebody who doesn't anticipate being re-contaminated, yet I don't anticipate any disgrace.

Covid 19 is not a death sentence

A story by an a Covid 19 Victim in Lagos Nigeria.

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This virus is very dangerous at the present time so we have to follow some rules to fight this virus in order to proceed properly. There is a lot of information in your article that is very important.

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Yes your right, a lot of information on how to stay safe

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