For The Honour And The Glory!

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2 years ago

We were told the foreigners were the problem

They wanted nothing but to waste us

We never looked within, so we believed

These whites should suffer like we did

In pain we recited our anthem

Hating them, we thought we were compatriots

We arose indeed

But moved not in the direction of the call of our nation

Oh! Zeal without knowledge

Look what you’ve done to us

We had thought we were fighting for our father land

But our enemies grew bigger and bigger

While we diminished faster and faster

We should get stroked with common sense

Is Nigeria our father’s land?

Which love, where is the strength and who holds this faith?

What is this labour of our heroes past that should not go in vain?

Which heart and what might should we serve with

Wherein lies this freedom we heard we were bound

What peace and unity?

All the prayers to the God of creation

Just so He would guide our noble course

We pleaded him- guide our leaders aright

And help our youth the truth to know

But we lose ours, fighting over the identity of this creator

We wonder if we’d pull through the present day

How much more our noble course

Our leaders are all wrong

Guiding us towards this false cavalry

Only to have their goons and dirt men

Plunge their weapons through us

And tell us to believe black is white

Tears stream down our faces

Into the ocean of the blood of our kindred

Those we found strength in have been killed

Our own wasted by the executors of our laws

The innocent perish and the unjust boldly flourish

We can’t but ask:

What love, what honesty, and wherein should we grow?

What is just and how do we know truth?

Our lofty height we saw you patriots in the reverse crumble

Our one nation you all partitioned among yourselves,

No better than that of the Berlin Conference

So, which peace and what justice reigns?

They encourage us to pledge to Nigeria our country

That we would be faithful, loyal and honest,

That we would serve with all our strength

But they laden us with the grieve of them killing our loved ones

They have themselves become the Nigeria we must serve

Yes! They are faithful, loyal and honest

And with all their strength they must serve their senseless greed

While your sons argue whose father is richer

We argue if we’d ever achieve our dreams

While your stomachs keep protruding,

We plead with the worms within to spare us some parts of our digestive system

Should by providence we find a meal

Our initial enemies still glare at us,

Not exempting you, “Our Nigeria”

Calling your home built on looted money Huts

Not forgetting to call your lineage Monkeys with all boldness

For the sake of your greed, you kiss their asses anytime for your security

Just as we, yours for feeding

In all, we all are the same- dusts

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2 years ago