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President Duterte's historical survey rate.

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1 year ago

Source: GMA News Facebook Page

President Rodrigo Duterte has made history. PulseAsia stated on Monday that according on its September poll, President Duterte had an overall performance rating of ninety one percent, up 4 elements from its December 2019 poll. That diploma of popular assist is unprecedented. Nobody anticipated that.

That is the perfect approval, performance, or pleasure rating ever given to a Philippine president — or to a leader of any united states in the world — on account that such polls have been started. The first-rate ranking that President Corazon Aquino sold used to be in October 1986, when eighty two share of Filipinos supported her. Her assist all at once fell, however, so that with the aid of April 1992, only fifty eight percentage did.

By contrast, Duterte’s useful resource has been step by step rising — from seventy eight share in March 2017 to 88 percentage in June 2018, to 87 percent in December 2019 and ninety one share final month. Any statistician will inform you that with the survey’s three share factors plus-or-minus margin of error, that ninety one proportion approval truely factors to an wonderful phenomenon — that except a doubt the whole united states of america helps this president. Nobody is listening to the likes of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnists, that online statistics site, US and Western media, the Yellows and the Reds. Duterte has in reality united the united states of the united states below his leadership.

Unless that PulseAsia poll be tested to be honestly flawed, it factors to a extremely good fact: Duterte has how provide up up a Philippine political demigod in that very sparse pantheon consisting of Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo and ironically, as he used to be as an lousy lot supported thru way of the Americans as Duterte is being undermined with the resource of ability of them, Ramon Magsaysay.

Duterte has attained break out velocity, and has reached orbit round the Philippine political planet, and nothing can lift him down now. Trump’s prophetic line until now than the 2016 elections ought to very proper look at to Duterte, which would lift nightmares to the Yellows and Reds: “I have to stand in the center of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”


It’s about a 12 months and 1/2 to the subsequent presidential elections in the Philippines. As passed off in most of the world after the 1917-1918 Spanish flu pandemic (in the US the roaring ‘20s), the u . s . a . would probably have an economic boom next year, as people’s consumption appetites are unleashed, which would even extend general help for Duterte.

Unless the Covid-19 pandemic right here receives out of hand, the subsequent president would be whoever Duterte says Filipinos have to put in power. The PulseAsia ballot is telling politicians: If you wish your political profession to advance, do now now not cross Duterte.

Check the accompanying chart, if you think, like that tutorial punk from Singapore ANC these days interviewed as its expert, that Duterte’s present day universal performance ranking is in simple terms what one would anticipate for populist strongmen in the path of a crisis.

Duterte’s ninety one percentage is a quantum leap from the rest of these with the aid of way of and giant strongmen leaders, I managed to get records on. I can now not find out any ballot that a country’s chief has had even a rating above eighty percent. That’s why I say the findings of the current PulseAsia poll capability the political deification of Duterte.

Duterte’s nearly normal data in this u.s.a. is high-quality in that the preceding 9 months to September have been incontestably the worst measurement in our post-war history, even eclipsing the 1984-1985 political-economic crisis. The pandemic shut down most of our monetary system for at least 5 months. The contemporary World Bank estimate is that the GDP will contract 6.9 percent this year. Because of the industrial corporation closures, over three million Filipinos had been thrown out of their jobs.


Duterte is in charge for the closure of the mighty ABS-CBN Corp., one of the two most excessive quality and influential broadcast media organizations. Of all times, the large corruption involving billions of pesos at Philippine Health Corp. has been exposed. Duterte’s handpicked man to easy the enterprise corporation of graft, a retired general, Ricardo Morales, has validated to be definitely inutile in his job or worse, complicit in its internet of corruption. The US and Western media all portrayed Duterte as a ruthless dictator in Asia, and amongst the world’s hated strongmen. “A presidency bathed in blood,” Columbia Journalism School’s Sheila Coronel titled her article on Duterte.

Duterte’s four public appearances thinking about the truth that the pandemic broke out in March have been bad nightmares: he used to be rambling as a lot as he appeared sleepy, made preposterous claims such as the use of fuel to clean face mask. It wasn't as disastrous as it used to be as soon as once in many specific nations in the world, it wasn’t fantastic either. That would have been horrible for an ordinary president: Filipinos have a dependancy of blaming the complete lot on the president.

Because of his policy of drawing the united states of the us nearer to China and reversing his predecessor’s servility to the US, the American Deep State has launched an extreme advertising campaign to demonize him, so that he would be powerless to parent out the subsequent Philippine president.

Even my colleague Ramon Tulfo — Duterte’s longtime buddy and supporter and who in his five a long time of journalism has built up a massive neighborhood of sources — has began out to experience that he may also moreover be shedding his way, and his internal circle has metamorphosed into a den of thieves. To be frank I myself had thinking that Duterte has turn out to be weary and has been dropping the fireplace in his belly, and that his human beings had prolonged long past on that traditional last-five-minutes-to-amass-your-retirement-funds tack.

Despite all these, ninety one proportion of Filipinos judged him as doing well. Perhaps we in the petty bourgeois questioning type can by the usage of no workable really draw shut what the country sincerely feels.

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Written by   187
1 year ago
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