The unit of pain

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We are having to face different types of feelings in our lives...One of these is pain.

Read what it's written in the picture below:

If you want to know more about the pain measuring, you could watch this video:

What intrigues me is, not this scale of measures - what a human body can bear (what means the values above this limit? we will die? then - all mothers are zombie?) but where are classified the psychological pain?

I can imagine the feeling for:

  • breaking bone

  • needle trying to fit in a finger's nerve

  • giving birth...

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I understand them all, but I'd like to know how are measured:

  • long absence of sleep

  • someone's continuously nonsense talking

  • public humiliation

These are only few ways of torture without physical pain, but I can assure you, sometimes, more painful than the first category.

But what about this:

  • falling from the train of crypto - like having a bunch of BTC forgotten on a hard drive or losing the password of the wallet

Who would you feel knowing that now you could be rich and instead of that, you are still working hard, day by day, for getting your monthly salary?

This could be very painful for many and even unbearable for some of them. Who could be blamed for it?

I don't have many recommendations to tell you. I can admit now that I am one who jumped from the Elrond train by mistake and that's it, I lost it. Now I'm betting on another one, but I think I have to wait more than 2 years, I think.

It's painful, very, some white nights and thousands of thoughts running through my head, but it's important to stay in present and concentrate for what you can do, not what it should be.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

So, my fellows in sorrow, keep up, search for your gems and go forward! We will find our way to freedom.

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