31 Days Self Love Challenge Day: Thirteen

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1 year ago

Thirteen the number thirteen I know many of you are thinking a lot of bad things when you heard about this number. Specially when Friday then the date is thirteen old ones have beliefs that an accident might happen, so we better not to go outside for safety precautions.

Im so late to published an article this day because I washed our laundry and some accident happened early this morning the motorcycle was accidentally bump and it slide down in the water and they saw the man who made that and they decided to settle it in the barangay hall. My son told me he pitty the owner of the motorcycle because it cried while they pull his motorcycle. My introduction is kinda long and now is my day thirteen to this challenge and lets go going.

Day: Thirteen

Realize that you should be doing things for yourself and not to others

Hmm after I read this topic I don't think I can do such thing because everyday my kids and my family is my only inspiration thats keeps me going, that keeps me blogging I found the strength in them. So I can realize this kind stuff If I tell myself that I'm also competing with others, that I also want to prove something to other people who never believe in my ability. In only that way I can tell that I'm not doing this for them but for myself.

Next is im inspired by the way people treat me it may bad or worst but I'll surely never give up im a kind of person that the more they steped at me, the more i get challenge to survive. But I never did bad stuff that will lead to shame with my kids and husband, I was raised by a woman with a good heart she thought me to accept life no matter how hard it is. She also thought me that when people are throwing stones on you throw back with Bread instead Or a famous line here in our country Pag binato ka Ng bato batuhin mo Ng tinapay

It looks like that we are losers in this form of agreement but we hardly don't know that we won our silent battle. And I salute my self and you because I never thought that I could find something that made me happy and here is it the passion that I have in writing, my wants in sharing blogging these wonderful thoughts or stories I had. I found something additional that completes me it may be tiring sometimes especially for a full time mom like me but the simple reward fades all my tiredness and I'll never till I have idea to write and blogged.


Thank you so much for your wonderful time reading my today's blog

Love, UsagiGallardo215 🌙

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As long as wala kang tinatapakang tao tuloy lang sa kung ano ang mga gusto mong gawin sa sarili mo o sa pamilya mo, kiber na lang sa iba. Labaarrrn hehe.

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1 year ago

Sabi pa nga sis, be a winner by doing good.. Do it for yourself in the sense that you are happy and satisfied doing it. Yes your family is your inspiration and doing it will make you happy.

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1 year ago