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Broken Promise (Part 2)

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8 months ago

"Andrei!!! "

You covered your ears using your pillow cause this other human being visit your apartment and it's just early in the morning and now here she is again she's so loud and you haven't have enough sleep since you work your ass off yesterday, you worked as a professional photographer in a big company.

"come on babe, you still have work to do" she sit beside your bed and tickle your body just to wake you up...

"Its Sunday babe" you mumble only just for her to hear

"arggh.... Stop it hahahaha... Heyy stop it hahahahaha... Pleaseee stopp hahahaha okay fine... I'm awake now hahaha" you said with annoying tone but at the same time you look at your annoying girlfriend and she just pouted...

"where's my morning kiss babe?" she says with a sweet baby tone while pouting

You smiled at her adorable action and peck her pouted lips which she look so satisfied

You stand up and go to the bathroom to wash up and go breakfast with her...

"babe, why you look so tired last night" she ask while serving you a toasted bread and your favorite black coffee

You remember something from yesterday...

You remember the email...

You remember...


"hey babe" she call you and wave her hand in front of you...

You were taken a back and came back to reality

"yah sorry Molly... It's just I have to finished my work last night so I work hard and I'm so tired so I just want to sleep haha" you reasoned out although it's not just the reason why you act this rightnow, it because of the message your received yesterday, it's because of someone,

Because of Alexandra, your ex

"okay babe, so we just stay at your apartment for this whole afternoon so you could rest" she assures you with worried face

"thanks babe"

It's already past 6 pm and your so called girlfriend Molly is already leave for you to rest early, until now your mind is still on the message you receive yesterday, you never really read it cause you don't know if you're ready.

You just find yourself opening the message...

Hey Bub,

How are you?

I know it's so random and crazy after 2 years of no communication or news about me, and here I am messaging you like nothing happen, bub I just want to tell you and explain everything why I did that, why I left you, just please I just want to talk to you so can you please just talk to me even for just a short time.

You finish reading it and you were so confused, sad, longing, angry, how could she just did this...

How could she just message you after 2 years of not knowing where she is, how she was, is she still alive...

How could she just...

How could she just make you feel like what you were before she left

It's just brings back those memories you share with her, the thing you does together, the kisses, the laughters, the sweet cheezy words, the sweet gesture... It all brings back

You miss her and you think that this is the way and this is the time for the closure you always wanted...

Without hesitation you replied to her

Hey you alive haha, yeah, I'm okay, so tomorrow by 6 pm is it okay with you?

In no seconds you recieved a reply

Okay 6 pm at the front of our place if you still remember

Ofcoure how could you forget the place that brings you a lot of good and also a bad memories

Ok then see you

You don't know what you were doing after that and just wait for tomorrow to come...

Author' s note

So hello guys

It's here guys the part 2 of Broken Promise, sorry I wasn't active for a while for personal reason, so how do you think guys, what could be the reason why Alexandra left Andrei... Hehehee anyways have a nice day, too lazy cause classes will start tomorrow yayyyy I'm too tired just by thinking of tomorrow hehehe.

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Written by   9
8 months ago
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Ba't parang marupok c girl? Hahaha

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8 months ago

Hehehezzz marupok talaga ikaw ba namn ilang years mong minahal

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8 months ago

Sana ganun lang kadali makipagkita ulit sa nang iwan sayo no? Hehe

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8 months ago

Trueee hayss marupok

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8 months ago