How to Detect a Blind BTC Lover

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There are many blind BTC lovers here and elsewhere.

  • I don't think all account holders of ReadCash understand the difference between BTC (Bitcoin) and BCH (BitcoinCash).

  • Please don't assume that all account holders at Cashrain are BCH lovers.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, content creators, and experts are blind BTC or Bitcoin lovers.

  • They blindly love BTC and don't disclose that here on ReadCash.

  • But, on other platforms, such as Publish0x, they blindly write in support of BTC.

Everybody has got the freedom to choose which cryptocurrency they would support.

How to detect a blind BTC lover?

As I wrote above, anybody can support BTC or any cryptocurrency they love or support. It is their fundamental right to freedom of choice.

But detecting a BTC lover is easy.

  • Just write a comment on their blogs on BTC, and ask relevant questions regarding the limitations of BTC.

  • Either they would ignore the comments or write a reply reiterating something supporting BTC.

When BTC lovers find no other way to reply anything to your questions on the problems of BTC, they will block you.


  • BTC lovers are fascinated with the dream of being rich one day with BTC holdings.

  • Either they don't understand cryptocurrency technology or are too mentally attached to BTC (as if BTC is their closest kin).

  • The blind lovers of BTC cannot tolerate mentioning the limitations of BTC.

Everybody has the freedom to love whichever cryptocurrencies they like to love.


  • Today, I have been blocked by a BTC lover!

I just mentioned the limitations of BTC!

  • Do you often write, "x-cryptocurrency is the best?"

  • Are you a blind lover of any cryptocurrency?

Have a nice dream about your choicest cryptocurrency.


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Aug 12, 2023

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It's essential to have an open and constructive discussion about cryptocurrencies, acknowledging both their strengths and limitations. Blind devotion can hinder progress in this rapidly evolving field.

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2 months ago

You are correct in your viewpoint.

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